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Jay Bhanushali On Mahhi Vij's Pregnancy And Daughter Tara's Birth

Jay Bhanushali on wife Mahhi Vij's pregnancy and daughter Tara's birth: Didn't miss a single appointment or sonography test


Laagi Tujhse Lagan fame Mahhi Vij and husband Jay Bhanushali are full of praise ever since their little bundle of joy, Tara, arrived into their lives last year. The couple recently spoke about the birth of their baby girl Tara and also called it the most precious moment of their life.

"Being a mother and the entire process of becoming a mother when they were taking me inside the OT and Tara came into our life, it has become my most precious moment, a lifetime memory," said Mahhi.

Recalling the birth of his little munchkin Tara, Jay Bhanushali said, "You know even my favourite and precious moment would be the same. Because when she was born, I was the first one to see her. I was inside the OT. It was a very stressful moment for me. As I entered the OT, I tripped over and fell on Mahhi. There were so many funny things happening at that moment I still remember. But then I saw Tara for the first time we didn't know at first whether it was a girl or a boy. I was worried about Mahhi, if she was doing fine and she kept asking me if it is a girl or a boy. Then the doctors finally informed us that it's a baby girl and we were thrilled."

Sharing the experience of holding their baby girl for the first time in their arms, Mahhi and Jay said, "I think we both were crying when we saw her for the first time." Jay revealed, "I have realised one thing that aadmi kitna bhi tedha ho...when his wife is pregnant and delivers their baby, he changes. I have changed a lot and have become caring. What I have seen her going through in those 9 months of pregnancy my respect for her and all the women/mothers has increased. There was not a single checkup or sonography test of Mahhi during her pregnancy that I have missed. I accompanied her on all the appointments and I was there every time she needed me. It was a very stressful moment and the 9 months of the wife's pregnancy changes a lot in a man."

Jay and Mahhi are fostering their caretaker’s children Khushi and Rajveer since 2017 and have been sponsoring their education. Tara is their biological child.


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