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Javed Akhtar Does not want to Strain Shabana Azmi's Frail Constitution; Actress Extends her stay at Hospital...

Javed Akhtar updated his fans about Shabana Azmi's health and he also revealed that he does not plan on taking her home anytime soon...


Courtesy : India TV

Shabana Azmi’s accident on January 18, 2020, at Mumbai-Pune Expressway shocked all of India and she was admitted to MGM hospital. The veteran actress was traveling to  Khandala from Mumbai post celebrating husband Javed Akhtar's 75th birthday when she met with the accident. Since then all of India has been praying for her speedy recovery.

The reports suggested that Shabana Azmi sustained an injury on her head and in the spine. She was also hurt near the eyebags, while Javed was safe. However, Akhtar finally breathed a sigh of relief as shared a piece of good news, that pleased the audience. He gave Shabana Azmi’s health update and stated that she is recovering fast, and will be home soon.

Now, Azmi’s husband Javed says he is in no hurry to take her home. 


She’s getting much-needed rest here (in the hospital). Although she has recovered almost completely I don’t want her to go home as yet. Once she returns home she will immediately become the busy householder again, instructing the staff, guiding the cleaning, overseeing the kitchen, etc. No, I think she’s better off here for now.

- Javed Akhtar

He further exclaimed about being marveled at Shabana’s tenacity as she had a miraculous escape from grievous injuries. 

“I don’t know how she came away from an accident of that magnitude with only swellings, scratches, and bruises,”  said Javed

Javed Saab further continued that he plans on waiting for her to heal completely and it seems he does not want to make any unnecessary or rash decisions. 

I’m in no hurry to take her home. Let her recover completely. Until there’s even a slight swelling on her face I want her here.

- Javed Akhtar

Ever since Shabana’s miraculous escape from a near-death experience, the hospital is under tight security and the family doesn't seem to be wanting to take any chances. The hospital has also monitored the constant flow of visitors. At home anyone who cares to visit can drop in, thereby putting a strain on Shabana’s frail constitution.

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