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Jatin Sarna on ZEE5 film ‘Bamfaad’: The honesty and Innocence of the subject attracted me alot!

We got in touch with Jatin Sarna who portrays the role of Zahid in ZEE5 film 'Bamfaad' and he spoke to us about his character in the film, experience working with Aditya and Shalini and much more...


ZEE5’s Film ‘Bamfaad’ which premiered today i.e. 10th April 2020 on ZEE5 marks the debut of Aditya Rawal along with Arjun Reddy fame Shalini Pandey in the lead roles. The film also stars Vijay Verma and Jatin Sarna in pivotal roles. 

We got in touch with Jatin Sarna who portrays the role of Zahid in the film who spoke to us about his character in the film, experience working with Aditya and Shalini and much more...

  1. Tell us something about your character?

My character’s name is Zahid, he stays in a small area in Allahabad. He is a ‘Kabutar Baaz’ guy, who is a small rookie, who does the small work here and there for politicians and gangsters and that’s how he earns a little money. He’s in love with this girl, he loves her since his childhood but was never able to say it out loud. So, how his life turns around and how to get one girl he goes against his friends and betrays them and the consequences he faces, his character is about that. And this character is also about how he who is in some trouble involves other people in that unknowingly. 

      What’s the one thing which compelled you to say yes to this film?

I think after many years, we are getting to watch such films in which the emotions are very pure and fresh. It’s a love story, it also showcases the relation between parent and child, it also has politics, revenge, friendship. You know, we used to watch those family films a few years back with our family? The subject is like a family film and the story is told with a lot of love. The honesty and the innocence of the subject attracted me to this film. Another factor was that the entire cast is of newcomers, the film consists of a lineup of such incredible actors. It is UP based, but the UP that we often see in films, it’s not that UP. A very authentic UP will be shown to the audience through this film. 

  1. How was your experience working with Shalini, Aditya and the entire cast?

It was a really good experience. They know their craft, they know their skills. As an actor, they are very good. Talking about Aditya, we have seen his father. This is his first film, he is a very good friend, very humble and always ready to learn and understand. Salini is again a very promising actor that we have right now in the industry. I have seen her film Arjun Reddy and I realised that even without speaking much, she was into the character and gave a great performance. 

        After Sacred Games, how different was this experience? 

There are a lot of differences, but for me, the most important thing is the character. I have received so much fame from Sacred games so it was very important for me to let people know that I can do something else as well and not just this. For me, this character was very different, I have never done something like this before, who is so soft spoken and whose body language is so different and simultaneously he is also in love. I am going to romance on screen for the first time. So a lot of things were different for me and that’s why I said yes to the project. 

  1. You have also worked in films and now you have also made your mark in the web series. So what’s the one thing which attracts you the most about the digital space?

I think if we talk about OTT platforms then the important thing is that here you get the opportunity to build the character. Every character when it is introduced has a start and an end, the full arc is completed. This is missed in films because there we have to complete a story in 2 hours. Whereas in web series, there are 8-10 episodes, many seasons if people like it, so there are a lot more characters, their journey is shown. Even films which are coming on the OTT platforms have great content. If people are scared to experiment on film, they do it here on OTT Platforms. 

          Lastly, any message for fans? And how are you spending your time amid quarantine?

Message is loud and clear, please do watch Bamfaad releasing on 10th April on ZEE5. Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy. Watch the film with your family, it’s a family film and you will definitely enjoy it. Follow the rules and guidelines provided by the authority and our Prime Minister. Please pray for those who are not well so that they can recover fast. Take care. 

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Nikita2329562 1 months ago Watch "Bamfaad" it's a romantic thriller film starring Aditya Rawal, Shalini Pandey, Vijay Varma, and Jatin Sarna. A passionate love story set in Allahabad between Naate and Neelam who meet accidentally and fall in love. They make brave choices and go through a path of love and loss to be with each other. Want to watch Bamfaad film online? Watch Bamfaad here on OTT platform ZEE5.
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