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Jasmin Bhasin Exits 'Naagin 4'

What can certainly be confirmed as of now is that Bhasin has indeed exited the show and that she has even shot her last already.


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There has been a lot of rumors as of late pertaining actor Jasmin Bhasin either planning to exit or having already confirmed her exit from Naagin 4. Reports constantly suggested that Bhasin was apparently unhappy with the development of her track and hence conveyed about exiting the show.

What can certainly be confirmed as of now is that Bhasin has indeed exited the show and that she has even shot her last already. While it is true that she isn't a part of Naagin 4 anymore, the actor addressed the rumors about her track ending so soon in the show and whether it was due to her being unhappy with the track that she exited in an interview with Bombay Times.

Bhasin said, "My role was to add to the mystery. The audience was supposed to think that I am a naagin and in a surprising turn of events, Nia was to be revealed as one. The show is full of twists and this was one of them. What happens to Nayantara is a mystery and it will unfold on its own. For me, my journey on the show was always meant to be this way.”

She concluded, "There is no issue over the track. I always knew that it would come to an end.”

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Cshafkat 1 months ago Jasmin Bhasin has a nice p***y. I would love to kiss her p***y. She is 100% f***able material.
emptyhand20 1 months ago We need a handsome naag as second male lead to spice up the show!
Kavana_cool 1 months ago Watching it only for her she was nailing it as nayan and If she is leaving show now then I'll stop watching this serial. And here ppl stop blaming her without knowing whole story she was casted as one of lead then they made it as side character and ruined her character nayantara and dont say that nayan didn't had fans she has her own fan base just look in YouTube and insta to see how crazy ppl are for nayantara and #Manyatara but makers ruined that maa beti bond to which attracted many
Para-shi 1 months ago Very nice makers She was being loved by us viewers so you removed her bcz we were demanding her positive character n new hero for her Well good bye than Nia Sucks as brinda brindev flop jodi
vinnas 1 months ago Why This Entire Fooling Set up by Ekta +Cvs . Ekta 1st introduced JB plays Naagin and Many Articles She is 2nd Lead+Naagin in Start of Show Jasmine bhasin Character Well Shaped Attracted Towards Show Along With Show Stealer STAR Sayantani/Manyata💓 We don't wait /think much about Revenge Aspect It Carries with ManyaTara😍 later Brinda joins 😁 But The Moment Came For That 😕We Seen She Reduced To Swapped Human Baby 😤(How Manyata not Recognize her Own Daughter Months Old She Carrying is Changed 💔 until 25years Aslesh Nakshatra etc) it's OK If Twins or Birth Time itself ✌ Sibling Jealousy too OTT way 👐So many Negative Aspects Added to the Character 👎Which Don't Need 👀 Still Jasmine /Nayan Holds interest ✊Regarding her Identity How She Become Naagin 🐍we are Waiting Eagerly for The Moment 😶 Now Final Nail in coffin is Abrupt Exit 😱yeah Actors Says It's All Pre-planned Etc Stuff😁😐Kavach After Vin Exit Who main Intrigue in Mahashivaratri +Temple Soulmate Mystery 👀👎Nothing Makes to Tune Story 👀 Why Ek team Does this 😈 after investing Developing Interest On Certain Character Meets The Unnecessary Abrupt End😫 Wat left In Show Now 😇Yeah Brinda is Established Naagin and Marriage Done 😵0She Kills Pareks Eventually along With Love/Hate Angle brindev smiley😂 No TWo Naagins Fate Story 👎Everything is Buildup Only 😮 Highly Dissapointed 💔Manya1Tara is Main💝 and BEST happend in Show ✊Now no more😭 Wishing All The BEST to Jasmine bhasin😃 for her Future Projects 👍
Meena_J 1 months ago @SnehaExpression: she never quit her previous shows.
SnehaExpression 1 months ago Don't know why producers hire this lady! She keeps quitting shows! Idk!
Rein123 1 months ago Anyways with her exit, I am also going to stop watching the show. I actually started for Sayantani as Manyata, but judging by how the show is progressing, I can see that they messed up her character as well. From a fierce and strong Naagin she has become a weak woman that is unable to recover from her grief. So won’t waste my time anymore! Will miss ManyaTara a lot but this is probably for the best.
Rein123 1 months ago Can anyone please tell us who the hell puts a cameo character on the montage of the show? It’s pretty obvious that she is leaving because she is unhappy with her character. And this is another confirmation that the makers have cheated not only her but is the viewers as well. They should have just sticked to the original plot whatever it may have been, instead of wasting everyone’s time. Good luck to Jasmin and hope she finds something better ahead. But instead of killing of Nayantara’s character they could have brought another actress to play Nayantara, this show was supposed to be about the fates of two girls getting exchanged and how they come together to protect the naagmani and whatever. Mark my words, this is going to ruin the image of the naagin franchise and spell its doom.
shwetha85 1 months ago She is saying she always knew her part was going to end?? Really?? Unbelievable, seems like she is saying it just like that to cover up.. this is indeed pretty shocking; I didn't expect her to leave N4
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