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Jannat Zubair Rahmani: Sometimes it hurts when people pass judgements without knowing you

Recently, Jannat Zubair Rahmani, got talking to India-Forums in a heart-to-heart conversation where she spoke about the pandemic, how is she keeping up and more.

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India is currently going through a tough time with the second wave of Coronavirus. While everyone has been trying to help and work towards containing the virus, it is a lot to process. And well, even for celebrities, the times are not as easy as though they understand they have a sense of responsibility, it often takes a toll on them as well.

Recently, Jannat Zubair Rahmani, got talking to India-Forums in a heart-to-heart conversation where she spoke about the pandemic, how is she keeping up, not being able to put her heart into creating content, dealing with trolls, and more. Read her conversation with us here.

How have you been keeping up with the current situation?

It is just very difficult because I don't understand how to keep my peace because anyone who calls me or messages me, everyone is in trouble, no one is happy at this point of time, things are happening in someone's family, or with someone's friend. I started my day by posting details about the requirements and that is all I was doing throughout the day. It so happened that I put a story in the morning and by the afternoon, the DM says please ask Jannat to remove the story as that person has passed away. He got a donor as well and yet, he passed away. It makes you realize that we are in such a crucial condition, and you can't describe this, how are you supposed to describe it. I don't have the right words. 

I am not at peace, even though I am not there (India) because my attention is there only, wondering how to help people and what to do. I was like so many people are sending messages, how do I help so many people. I have also become active on Twitter because people told me there is more engagement there and people are more active there.

You have work commitments and that does not give you the liberty to just stay home. What do you have to say?

It has been a month since I haven't been home because even when I was in Mumbai, my building was sealed. I had to stay in a hotel. My father came to India after a month, and he also couldn't home. There are a lot of rules and regulations that are there, so we can't go home only. And definitely, I have to work as well because there are commitments because, during the last lockdown, a lot of things have been missed. This time, I am trying to balance everything in terms of work as well while ensuring precautions.

Has it been difficult to create content currently?

I haven't been putting out anything because when I say my mind is not stable and I am panicky about what is going and I do care about everyone, even people I don't know, I just don't say it, it is happening to me. And because of that, I don't know what to do. I have been shooting my branded videos because that is work. But as an influencer or as Jannat, I don't think I feel like making anything or posting anything.

What would you say are the pros and cons of being the celebrity face that you are?

I think the good part is that you become confident and people love you and everyone loves attention. It is also important to know how to carry it because you can't go gaga over it, and I am happy that I know how to handle it because my parents have taught me so.

I think it is not right when people judge you because this has happened with me when there is one comment that someone posts and I simply admit to it, be it any mean comment because it affects me. You might feel certain things because of an individual opinion and it is not right. There is no such thing to date that has happened with me where something bad reached me.

Do you remember an incident that shook you, or hurt you immensely?

There is not a particular incident that I can remember but they judge you very easily. Suppose, I posted a photo on Friday and people go saying things like have some shame, read the Namaaz, but how do they know if I am doing it or not, I like to keep certain things private. You kind of judge a person because they are posting a picture. Even now, when I am here, and when I am using my DMs to share updates, people are saying that you are enjoying yourself, but that is not true, because you can't judge if I am having fun or not, I am not going to go live and say it that no I am not enjoying. Sometimes it hurts when without knowing you, people go around passing judgments and that is not right.

Among other things, Jannat also spoke about returning to acting, her music video Lehja, and more. 

Jannat Zubair Rahmani

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