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Jagya to save Sona in Balika Vadhu!

Colors' popular show Balika Vadhu is set to gear up with a high voltage drama.

Published: Friday,Dec 12, 2014 20:07 PM GMT-07:00
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Sphere Origins' popular show Balika Vadhu on Colors will soon gear up with a high voltage drama to keep their audiences' hooked to the TV screen. The show is revolving around Sona (Geetanjali Mishra) who is a prostitute but wants to change her life and give a better life to her son and Jagya is helping her in changing her life.

Well, in the forthcoming episode the show will gear up with a high intense drama where Sona will be attacked by her cruel husband.

What happens next informs our source -

"Sona's husband will come to know that she is staying at Jagya's house and he will reach at the haveli there to get his son back who is staying along with Sona. He will try to take him away but Jagya (Shashank Vyas) will reach at the moment and will save Sona."

Will Jagya get succeed in changing Sona's life or his life will come into danger!

To know more keep reading the space.

Aakruti Damani

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pyar-ishk 7 years ago CV, so far are doing a good job with Sona story

The track is written well
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RainbowKitty 7 years ago So what if cvs add some drama in it This is only serial ? or all drama is logic is applicable for some certain only while others no no no not this not that not this not that Amazing
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aparnauma 7 years ago People worrying about drama obscuring the real purpose behind the track.Rehabilitation and integration of women who have been in prostitution and the problems faced by these women when they try to change their lives is what most of us are interested in.CVs did put in a lot of effort to bring this track by making Sona Ganga's cousin so that thye can give more detailing to the story and how Ganga Jagya and Dsa help her stand up on her feet and not a rehash of husband attacking haweli burning scenes that were shown before.
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BeautyBabe 7 years ago Shashank Vyas is the only saving grace of this serial Watching this replacement vadhu just for him He will rock this track too
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RainbowKitty 7 years ago Shashank Vyas is awesome actor
LOL why the people are worrying about drama For their own favs every drama is logical and for others cut the drama What double standards The track is more well done than silly dramas of others going in parallel2014-12-15 04:40:37
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aparnauma 7 years ago So now Sona has reached Haweli and soon her son will reach Haweli . husband will attack Haweli . Will we be seeing Haweli burning promos again?
Hope they cut drama and show Singhs helping Sona
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pyar-ishk 7 years ago Looking forward to this scene

This track is written well so far
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princess_shasha 7 years ago Shashank vyas you are an awesome actor and you deserve something bigger and better than bv which doesn't seem to end2014-12-12 12:47:50
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yanks28 7 years ago Shashank Vyas is a wonderful person and actor. Balika Vadhu sucks, Colors TV sucks, letting actors get replaced crushing every fans hopes and wishes sucks. When an actor asks for a proper track instead of docile bahu tracks, giving her the Anandi-jaap sucks. Prashant Bhatt sucks monkey balls and Sriti Jha has screwed u over Mr P- Bast****** being in a top 3 show ad getting all the awards, take that , u said shes making hay while the sun shines , well it's certainly not shining on this show anymore lol
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Alpha_Aakash 7 years ago Replacement Vadhu show still on ??? When is it ending??? Please end this show so that talented actors like Shashank Vyas Siddharth Shukla can move out and explore new things rather than romancing three four girls for same character in two-two years gap...!!
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