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Jacqueline I am coming Review: A heartwarming tale of love, high on Emotions

Directed by Banty Dubey, Jacqueline I am coming is an emotional drama featuring Raghuvir Yadav as the lead character, alongside Diiva Dhanoya. An unfiltered tale of love, life, and death, backed with a high quotient of emotions...

Published: Thursday,Oct 17, 2019 08:27 AM GMT-06:00
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jacqueline i'm coming raghuvir yadav

Jacqueline I am coming is an out and out love story, but not the usual ‘hero-heroine-happily ever’ after one, but the one full of love, sorrow, and plight. The film is a story of Kashi Tiwari, a 40-year-old Brahmin man, and his lover, Jacqueline, a much younger Christian girl, and how the couple goes beyond the realms of religion, age and any physical or mental illness to indulge in only and only unconditional love.

Directed by Banty Dubey, this emotional drama features Raghuvir Yadav as the lead character, alongside Diiva Dhanoya. It also stars Kiran D Patil and Shakti Kumar in pivotal roles. This is a story of Kashi’s search for the love of his life, and when the love arrives, how fate changes its plans and brings him to the most terrifying reality of his life - Jacqueline’s mental illness.

The film starts with waves of memories as Kashi leads his middle-class life, living alone in a small house, cooking his own food, working in a government office, and lastly the quintessential scooter. A series of back and forth instances seem to be recurring as the mourns and agnozies into the memories of his lover, Jaqueline, who is currently admitted in a mental asylum. 

To trace back to the beginning of this love story, Kashi sees Jaqueline for the first time, at the exact moment when she happens to tremble to her illness and breaks down at a church. However, the illness does not bother Kashi at all, and in fact, he somewhere feels responsible and bonded with the girl and the situation. The same evening, when he sits by a lake with his friend, Keshav, he hums, ‘Gunagaar hu mai, kaafir nahi’, which adds a lot of intensity to the scene.

Based in a simple, unfiltered setting and village-like surroundings, the usual sweet beginning of a love story commences, followed by the even more usual family resentment over religion. Kashi and Jaqueline get married and move out to live together at a rented house. The song, ‘Tera Saath Hai’, sung beautifully by Papon and the lyrics penned by Dr. Sagar gives an added touch of sentiment and amour to the whole new marriage situation, and also traces forward to Jaqueline’s pregnancy, eventually leading to a miscarriage due to her mental illness.

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The second half of the film intensifies as Jacqueline gets admitted to a mental asylum, and Kashi keeps getting vulnerable with each passing day. Kashi argues, fights and goes against all odds to take her wife home, but fails. Then, the man, in his 60’s, chalks down a plan to escape his lover away from the asylum and successfully gets away far from the city to a place where nobody knows them and only love resides. 

But, life had other plans for them. The hospital authorities hunt them down and take Jacqueline away, back to the mental asylum. Broken and shattered by his lover’s loss, Kashi loses himself in a pool of loneliness and sadness, who registers himself to the same mental asylum.

Jacqueline I am coming is a heartwarming tale of love, backed with a strong performance by Raghuvir Yadav, which only keeps getting better with every scene. The movie is slow-paced, but strong emotions will keep you bonded.

To conclude, the movie is a sweet-emotional tale, tends to make you smile, cry, and even furious at a few places. 

Rating 3/5

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