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Jabariya Jodi Review: A ‘Jabariya’ attempt to fit Parineeti and Sidharth in a Humorous flick

Aparshakti Khurrana, Sanjay Mishra and Javed Jaffrey turn out to be the highlight of the film!


Jabariya Jodi sketches the story of Abhay (Sidharth Malhotra) and Babli Yadav (Parineeti Chopra) who fall in love with each other at a very young age. But, due to some reasons, Babli leaves the town with her family and their love story comes to a pause. Later on, the two meet each other by accident and try to get married but, Babli’s ego and Sidharth’s denial complicates things. 

The film is set in the backdrop of Bihar as Jabariya Jodi features a love story that roots back to childhood. The film is quite intricate on the basis of scripting as this Prashant Singh directorial brings back the Bollywood cliches that remind us of the early 2000s. The film has compiled essence of all the Bollywood flicks which have high entertainment value.

The songs have an average impact on you as the film hardly gives you an overview of the sequences in the film. Without doubt, even if we consider this film to be an entertaining flick at least the makers could have upped their game on the writing front. The song Zilla Hille is a remake of Bihari Song, although the films also fail to impress you on these lines as well.

However, the salient feature of this film is the casting!

No, if you think it was about the casting of Parineeti and Sidharth you are totally wrong. It's about the casting of supporting actors. Yes! Aparshakti Khurrana is the new comedian in the market. If you want to feature a young character in the film who is witty and full of humour with good acting skills, he is your go-to guy for such characters.

Casting Parineeti Chopra and Sidharth was definitely a wrong move. Such films need the sparkling chemistry between the lead characters and when you don't have that, it turns out to be a ‘Jabariya’ film.

Coming back to performances, the film has an impeccable supporting cast which would never let you down. Right from comic timings to delivering dialogues Sanjay Mishra and Javed Jaffrey have been totally savage. The staggering amount of talent these individuals hold is out of bounds and no matter how short their character’s screening can be they will never let you down. For instance, even if you offer a ten minute to Sanjay Mishra or Javed Jaffrey they will always nail it with grace and their excellence.

In conclusion, the film is a perfect choice if you like good humour with the forced casting of lead actors who fail to show the on-screen compassion and spark for their characters. 

(Rating: 2/5)


Javed Jaffrey Sanjay Mishra Parineeti Chopra Sidharth Malhotra Aparshakti Khurrana Jabariya Jodi 

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