"I've experienced more downs than ups, and I believe your so-called failures teach you more" - Ashmit Patel

Ashmit has reflected on his journey, the ups and downs he's faced, and whether he has received his due as an actor. Read on to know more.

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Actor Ashmit Patel, known for films such as "Murder," "Jai Ho," and his participation in the reality show "Bigg Boss 4," recently returned to the screen following a self-imposed hiatus. His journey began in 2003 with Mukesh Bhatt's "Intehaan," and he has since spent two decades in the entertainment industry. Now, Ashmit has reflected on his journey, the ups and downs he's faced, and whether he has received his due as an actor.

Reflecting on his 20+ year journey, Ashmit said, “I think I'm currently at the intermission point. One thing I've noticed in the last couple of years while busy working on numerous projects is that I am more at ease as an actor. I find that my skills have improved significantly compared to 10 or 15 years ago. The honesty remains the same, but there's a greater ease in my performances now. This could be due to reduced pressure, given the current scenario of OTTs, where box office numbers aren't a concern. I've been trying to figure out why this might be, and this is one of the answers I could think of. Other than that, I attribute it to experience. With more experience, I know how to handle characters better, build them better, and create a clearer vision in my head.” 

“Perhaps I'm also emotionally more mature now, as is the case with everyone who accumulates more life experiences. So, I would say that this journey so far has been one of tremendous growth, and I finally feel ready for the leap required to take it to the next level, whether in terms of the producers or directors I work with, or the intensity and depth of the characters I can take on. It's been interesting. I've experienced more downs than ups, and I believe that with every human being, your so-called failures teach you more. I've had my fair share, so I feel more adept at handling not just life but reel life as well,” he shared,” Ashmit further added.

When asked if he feels that he has received his due as an actor, Ashmit said, “I believe you receive what you deserve, and I truly believe in karma. If you work hard enough and possess talent, you'll receive what you deserve. So, at the moment, there may be some external factors beyond your control that can affect your career and other decisions. However, again, it's karma that has brought you to these situations or you've made choices that have led you here. I don't want to portray myself as a victim, but having said that, has my potential been fully realised? Not even close.”

The actor also mentioned feeling disheartened at times but is determined to jump back stronger than ever. “I won't lie; there are times when I feel disappointed, just like any other human. However, I try to remain as positive as possible. I keep telling myself, "It will happen, it's going to happen," especially after so many years in the industry. I want to turn my career around, just like Bobby Deol recently did. I am more optimistic now, and I believe that when the right opportunity is meant for me, it will come to me. I am hardworking and truly believe in my talent. I am very persevering and honest in my work. There's not a shred of dishonesty in me toward my work or any other aspect of my life. I think it will happen when it's meant to when I deserve it.” 

On the professional front, Ashmit Patel has had consecutive releases. In "State v/s Ahuja," he portrayed a Bollywood actor accused of rape, while in "Scammy Boys," he took on the role of a police officer. "State v/s Ahuja" is currently streaming on Watcho Exclusives, whereas "Scammy Boys," directed by Shoib Nikash Shah, is available on Zee5.