It's the beauty and beast syndrome: Rahul Bose

Mumbai, Dec 8 (IANS) What's with Rahul Bose and Bollywood's beautiful women?

Mumbai, Dec 8 (IANS) What's with Rahul Bose and Bollywood's beautiful women?

First it was Kareena Kapoor in 'Chameli', then Sameera Reddy in 'Kaal Purush' and Mallika Sherawat in 'Pyar Ke Side Effects' (PKSE). Now he teams up with Diya Mirza, Nandita Das and Raima Sen in Oriya director Manmohan Mahapatra's Hindi film.

'I find it very amusing too. Quite honestly, I think it is the beauty and the beast syndrome,' Rahul told IANS.

'The challenge in working with these lovely ladies from the mainstream cinema is to have them accept someone like me after they've acted with huge male stars. And they come out of the crossover so well. Look at Sameera in 'Kaal Purush', Kareena in 'Chameli' and Mallika is outstanding in 'PKSE'.'

Although Rahul romances the most sought after Bollywood beauties on screen, in real life he continues to be single.

'Completely single for the fifth year running and weeping. It's just crazy. I think in the ladder of priorities - acting, direction, rugby and writing take up all my time. And then my social work. I've no time for relationships.'

He has signed Buddhadeb Dasgupta's next film and is doing a Hindi film with Bengali director Anjan Dutta.

Talking about Dutta's film, Rahul said: 'It's such a charming story. Anjan wants Victor Bannerjee and me in it. I'm not going to neglect mainstream opportunities, but they've to be worth my while.'

Apart from acting, Rahul is all set to direct his first film since his directorial debut 'Everybody Says I'm Fine'.

'I've acquired the copyrights for an international bestseller, not by an Indian author. I'm writing the script. It's about the deepest roots of friendship and love, and I've to raise a million dollar for that. I don't want to act in it. I've sworn not to do both together after 'Everybody says...'.

He has also started taking journalistic writing very seriously.

'I like to use my pen to express myself on issues that matter. The response I get to my articles is very encouraging.'

Does writing have as much as cinema? 'Cinema has more immediate and larger impact. It's a more personalised force for change. But both cinema and writing are overrated vehicles of change. After that movie or article that one sees, there're too many distractions.'

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