It's a 'Shocker' for Rajat in Shastri Sisters!

Colors' Shastri Sisters will soon showcase a major twist in the tale.

Shastri Sisters celebrate Rakshabandhan with the Delhi Police Force

Shakuntalam Telefilms' popular show Shastri Sisters on Colors is loved by the audience for the intriguing twists created by the makers.

As per the ongoing track, Anushka has agreed to Veer's proposal and is ready to marry him even though she loves Rajat. On the other hand Rajat wants Anushka back in his life but to support her family, Anushka scarifies her love.

Soon, there will be a revelation sequence showcased for the viewers.

our source informs us, "Shastri ji will call Kirti and inform her that Anushka is ready to marry Veer (Sudeep Sahir). This will make Veer very happy and he will call his best friend Rajat (Vijendra Kumeria) to share this good news who is unaware that the girl with whom Veer is getting married is Anushka."

"Later, Veer will host a dinner party where he will want his best friend Rajat to meet his fiance. Thus, when Anushka will reach at the place where Veer has called her, she will be shocked to see Rajat and Veer together and Veer will introduce Rajat to Anshuka addressing her as his fiance," adds our source.

"Rajat will be shattered to know that Anushka (Ishita Ganguly) is the girl, whom Veer loves and is getting married, he will be speechless and will not be able to tell the truth to Veer. Not even this. he will have not have the guts to tell the truth to Veer about Rajat and her relationship. After the dinner all three of them will head towards Rajat's home where Minti (neelu Kihli) and Surendra will be shocked to see Anushka as Veer's fiance. As soon as Veer and Anshka will leave, Surendra will ask Rajat to talk to Veer and him the truth that he loves Anushka. But Veer will deny saying that he cannot hurt either of them because one side it's his best friend and other side is his love. Later, viewers will witness a love triangle in the show," ends the source.

Will Rajat tell the truth about Anushka to Veer?

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Neha Jain

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Comments (25)

we r waiting for anuraj romance sences. plz unite for anuraj

9 years ago

Love AnuRaj. Ishita Ganguly and Vijendra Kumeria are rocking.

9 years ago

Please bring AnuRaj back together!
Really hope Veer is a positive character... been having too many negative ones!

9 years ago

We want Anuraj together. Please bring them togethre in a logical way.

9 years ago

so sad for rajat and happy for veer. nw shastri sister story showing to like film "mujase dosti karoge".

9 years ago

Cvs please stop this nonsense track.. Hating it and unite anuraj quickly

9 years ago

plz unite anuraj as soon as possible...

love anuraj n ishvi...

9 years ago

ishita is doing a wonderful job..the lead character has to display a gamut of expressions which comes in her face easily within seconds..a true actor..she will go places..all d best ishita and shastri sisters,,being a true fan of this serial..i like each one of them inclduing mr veer

9 years ago

oh god ye bakwaas track...always separating anuraj...viewers ko pagal banakar rakh diya...pls apni dimagg ki bathi jalawo cv's...unite anuraj soon...warna apkae show ka trps aur girega...anuraj is the best

9 years ago

Don't want another marriage drama!! Not again! :/ cvs pls think something Atleast different this time!! U hav given us an overdose of AnuRaj separation! It has crossed saturation level pls understand! Hope cvs re unite AnuRaj ASAP

9 years ago

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