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It's a Baby Girl for Priyadarshini Singh

Priyadarshini Singh is a proud mother of a baby girl.

Ex-contestant of Rahul Dulhania Le Jaayega and Zor Ka Jhatka Priyadarshini Singh, is now a proud mother of a baby girl.

Priyadarshani delivered a baby girl. Priyadarshani updates her status on a social website, by stating, "Yes, I have given birth to a baby girl and we have named her Aahana, thank you Aahana for being in my life".

Tellybuzz wishes Priyadarshini Singh and her entire family a very hearty congratulations.

Reporter: Nadia Malik.
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Priyadarshani Singh Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jaayega (Swayamvar Season 2)  Zor Ka Jhatka 

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sexypink 2012-12-24T14:23:39Z she was so funny when she was telling rahul in rdl dat she usd 2 luv him since da tym she was 9.. lol.. den v got 2 knw dat rdl was jst so fake.. i dint lyk ha buh congrates 2 ha nd God bless da little gurl..2012-12-24 14:22:27
Milii 2012-12-23T22:07:57Z Congrats to her!! God bless the little one..

But, I can't help thinking about her funny antics in Zor ka jhatka...he he...she could never finish a single stunt :) They were thoroughly enjoyable...
phadukaran 2012-12-23T20:31:04Z she married karan anand, a bussiness man
Javeria_Xx 2012-12-23T15:12:28Z Who is the baby's father...??????
Congratulations though ;))2012-12-23 15:10:08
Ninja. 2012-12-23T13:32:34Z I don't know her. But anyways, congrats to her on her baby girl. =)
paulojunior85 2012-12-23T13:17:24Z She is very beautiful. Her eyes is wonderful.
Lata 2012-12-23T11:30:11Z wow...congratulations to her and God Bless the Baby...this was definately some news...can't stand this dame...wonder how the ambitious dame even found time to marry...just googled and found out that she married her long time boy friend LOL...Karan Anand and industrialist it seems...he looked a bit old...anyways congrats to them...2012-12-23 11:27:44
akash08 2012-12-23T10:11:03Z Last time I heard, she was dating Kamal Khan.. is he the father or someone else??
PRINCESS_ALISHA 2012-12-23T09:33:28Z Oh congrats dear. Take care of the baby.
manashree03 2012-12-23T09:16:13Z No idea whom did she marry, but she was called "Mrs.Jain" by the reporter during the debate.
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