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It was an honest mistake: Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma who was bashed by her followers for her tweet has cleared the air and accepted her mistake.

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Anushka Sharma who was at the receiving end of bashing by her followers for her twitter post on the demise of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam has finally cleared the air in the media. She termed her error as an "honest mistake".

At a recent event, when we asked her about the blunder she made in her tweet while giving condolences to the former President of India, she said, "It was an honest mistake. Everyone makes mistakes and this has happened with me before as well."

Following this answer we asked her what is freedom to her. To which she replied, "Freedom is everything for me. I want liberty to express my thoughts." Also she said that the most important thing in her life is honesty. "I give lot of importance to honesty", she said.

Anushka Sharma was not the only one who made a spelling mistake in the name of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Farhan Akhtar had also spelled the name wrongly but he got saved in the nick of time. Before anyone could see his post he retracted it and corrected the name and posted the tweet again.

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..Kavi.. 5 years ago Well... I don't really see what the big deal is! Yes Abdul Kalam sir is very well respected and loved, but these sorts of mistakes are honestly very commonplace. What we fail to realize is that Anushka and other celebrities like her have insane shooting schedules, meetings, publicity events and so on. Their jobs don't end after a certain time of day and they don't get weekends off. They must constantly maintain an image, be conscious of the public eye. Amidst all this stress she was told, or heard that someone died and being a public figure who is active on social media she was obligated to express her thoughts. Unlike us, celebrities don't go on Twitter when they feel like it, they actually have to. Moreover, the fact that there was a mistake shows that she took the time to type it out herself, rather than getting an assistant to do it, which from what I've heard, a lot of celebrities do. So let's be mindful of that, and cut her some slack.
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pippa 5 years ago Didn't know about it. Which name did she use?
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.MysticWaters. 5 years ago WTH An honest mistake?
She didnt spell the name wrong. She wrote wrong name. These celebs and their show off
If u dont know his proper name, atleast search the name first.
Such a shame Anushka
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