Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 actor Rrahul Sudhir: It is easy for newcomers to get stereotyped

Rrahul Sudhir got talking about what he thinks worked for the show, if there is something he has coming up, and also made a revelation about originally being offered a different role.

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Rrahul Sudhir

Rrahul Sudhir has sure managed to carve a niche for himself in the acting space, and his niche is one where he has proven how he is a versatile actor. In a recent interview on DriveTime, he got talking about what he thinks worked for the show if there is something he has coming up and also made a revelation about originally being offered a different role. Last seen in Ishq Mein Marjawan 2, fans are definitely looking forward to seeing more of the actor soon.

He spoke about how the dynamics were set differently and credited the makers for the same as well, making the characters different from what everyone generally sees, and in the end, it was more relatable. He also recalled how did he get the part and mentioned how it was never going to be a newcomer playing his part and they liked my audition and it just happened. He said how makers liking it is one thing but the audiences liking it is a different thing and you must be doing something right.

About how life changed for him, he said he was a fresh chap in Mumbai and did not know anyone but then I bagged a huge web series. He says he got lucky where he got the opportunity to play two opposite characters with Ishq Mein Marjwan 2 and Raja Beta. Further, he mentioned how for newcomers, it is easy to get typecasted and everyone might end up thinking that they can play only that type of character. He also revealed how he wasn't approached for Vansh but he wanted to play the baddie as it sounded more exciting and though they were hesitant about it he did it and then followed a look test, but he concluded by saying the struggle was worth it.

Also, what next, and doing a TV show, he said how he is looking forward to getting something that is challenging and something he likes. He mentioned how he doesn't want to sound arrogant because one show worked and since he believes in satisfying his senses and his palette, he simply wants to do something that he enjoys and if that is not the case, it would scare him. He says, ''I have to have that vibe about it and once I have it, I can devote myself to it and then forget everything.''

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Lots of love to you Rrahul❤️❤️Miss you on screen 🥺

2 years ago

toh mahashay shayed kabir play karnewale the ..accha hua nhi kiya , varna hume na rahel milta na riansh.

2 years ago

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