Ishita Ganguly on her connection with Lord Ganesh, says, ''I bow down to him the first thing in morning''

Ishita Ganguly, who is currently seen in Zee TV's show 'Maitree' reveals all about her Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations.

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Ishita Ganguly

Ganesh Chaturthi, celebrated with grandeur and devotion all over India, is a festival that brings joy and unity to people from all walks of life. This auspicious occasion holds a special place in the hearts of millions, including television actress Ishita Ganguly, known for her role as Jhumki in Zee TV's popular show, Maitree. In a recent conversation, she expressed her enthusiasm for this cherished festival.

Ishita Ganguly, who embodies the character of Jhumki with grace and charm, shared her thoughts on Ganesh Chaturthi. She said, "Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most auspicious festivals in India. This occasion holds a special place in my heart, and like every year, I havr brought Lord Ganpati home. I have decorated my home with vibrant flowers and radiant lights, ensuring that the materials used for the idol are eco-friendly."

The actress's commitment to eco-friendly celebrations reflects a growing awareness and concern for the environment among individuals and communities across the country. By choosing eco-friendly materials for the Ganpati idol, Ishita sets an inspiring example for her fans and followers, promoting sustainable and responsible celebrations.

Ishita Ganguly emphasized the significance of family and friends in her Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations, stating, "I am celebrating the festival in the presence of my beloved family and close friends. To be honest, I am a very spiritual person at heart. Till date, the first thing I do before beginning my day is to bow down to Vignaharta, Lord Ganesha, and express my gratitude for everything. I also pray for the well-being of my loved ones and all good things to come our way."

Her deep spiritual connection and the practice of starting the day with devotion reflect a beautiful blend of tradition and personal beliefs. This devotion to Lord Ganesha not only enriches her life but also serves as an inspiration for her fans to embrace spirituality in their daily routines.

In conclusion, Ishita Ganguly's heartfelt message for Ganesh Chaturthi resonates with the sentiments of millions of people across India. Her commitment to eco-friendly celebrations and her profound spiritual connection showcase the true essence of this beloved festival. As she wished everyone, "A very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to one and all," her words serve as a reminder of the unity, joy, and spirituality that this auspicious occasion brings to our lives.

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