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Is this Kumkum Bhagya jodi dating each other in real life?

The actress has apparently broken up with her long time boyfriend and found love in her co-star.


Arjit Taneja and Mrunal Thakur have been loved for their portrayal as Bulbul and Purab in Zee TV's Kumkum Bhagya.

And now, the grapevine has it that the duo is dating!

Yes! Mrunal, who was dating writer, Sharad Chandra Tripathi has apparently broken up with him. The much in love couple was a part of the last season of Nach Baliye (Star Plus) where they confessed how their family was against their relationship.

However, a little birdy informs us that Mrunal and Arjit came close to each other while shooting for a show in Indonesia. 

We contacted Sharad who stated, "It's not true. Everyone knows that our parents were not agreeing for our alliance. Mrunal is currently shooting in Indonesia and just because we are away from each other or we are not posting a picture on our social media together does not mean that we have broken up."

When contacted Arjit, he refuted the news. Mrunal, on the other hand, did not revert to us till the time of filing the story. 

Keep reading to catch up with the latest developments. 


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PURBUL 3 years ago I wish this fake article becomes true someday. #ArNal Rock!!!
naureenfizz 3 years ago I am happy that Mrunal broke up with Sharad.. TBH Sharad was a spineless man who could not fight for his love in front of his family.. Why he choose Mrunal to wait and compromise till his family give go a head.. Hadh hai..
Hope this news is true.. They look good together :-P
Mages 3 years ago to be honest...deep down i want this news to be true but than on practical fact...we Arnal fans know the truth...they share a beautiful friendship...this friendship should go on forever...IF did not report anything when Arnal won awards...fame...achievement in Indo but suddenly a dating news which has no truth...gets your facts right and than report...i would be more than happy to know that Arnal are casted together as leads in a new show together rather than this stupid news which has no truth in it
Smithhh 3 years ago Mrunal Thakur and Arjit Taneja rocks.Hope they will be back onscreen soon!!!!
potterhead14 3 years ago i know this is not true but somewheere deep down inside i wish it was true...hoping to see arnal together onscreen any time soon
Smithhh 3 years ago Hey dude have some mercy and leave the arnal fans alone..Just dont come up with a story which hardly contains any truth...Arnal are very good friends so pls dont make them uncomfortable by spreading false rumours.Sharad and mrunal broke up few months ago so the question doesnt even come up that sharad is giving this false statement!!!Dont cook up story.If you really want to give some true news then u could have with arnal getting awards in indo or they had been recasted in a new show but no the reporter has to make some false story!!!Be aware before india forums fans loses its trust on india forums reliability!!!!!
-Ak47- 3 years ago When the concerned ones have denied it then why make an article? Have a life & write articles which are having some truth.
Stark_Wolf 3 years ago IF n yellow journalism go hand in hand:/
Whats wrong with sharad dint he say to smeone in twitter tgat they are broken up n dude doesnt evn knw tgat Mru is back in town kuch bhi;/
Arnal hayyee[8->] kissiki nazar na lage inki dosthi par
PURBUL 3 years ago Mrunal came back to India...
N she did say twice sharad n she are not together ...
Plz don't come up with silly linking rumours..ArNal share a damn good frndship bond..let us cherish that!
Mages 3 years ago this article make no sense at all...though i do agree Indo has bonded ArNal in a beautiful friendship...god bless their friendship forever...regarding sharad...they are no more together and this has been clarify by mrunal many times...stop spreading rumours that can affect a beautiful friendship
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