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Is Bollywood FOOLING the Audience by more of BIOPICS and PATRIOTISM?

Nowadays, most of the Bollywood movies are Biopics or Patriotic movies...

Published: Sunday,Apr 07, 2019 09:04 AM GMT-06:00
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If you take a look at the past few years of Bollywood, the industry has been producing movies mainly portraying patriotism or just the 'positive' biopics among which most of them are very unrealistic.

If you research on it, you will find this trend of patriotic movies started a few years back and now every year we have more than 50 per cent movies based on the similar lines as the producers and filmmakers have now discovered this new technique to earn money by stereotyping the content of Indian Cinema.

It is not that biopics and war based movies are just now made in Bollywood, but there were many such movies made back that too the realistic ones but yet those films suffered at the box office because during that period Bollywood was stereotyped by the mainstream filmmakers mainly by their romantic films.

However, the biopics we see nowadays are very much filtered and it seems to avoid the negative side of that well-known personality. But there are few filmmakers who are still not into that commercialization thing and they make films as art.

Bollywood now needs to make stories on their own rather than just making a remake or making a film on someone's life. The era of filmmakers like Shyam Benegal, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Basu Chatterjee is yet missed by the fans as their films represented Indian Cinema on an international level.

However, there are still good and talented filmmakers of Bollywood who can now break this stereotype of biopics and patriotism. It is not that biopics or patriotic movies should not be made but whenever it is made it must be more on the real side rather than being made in a filmy way.

So the question here arises, is Bollywood fooling the audience by showing more of biopics and patriotic movies?

Well, what's your take on this? Comment your views below.

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ChickenSoup 3 years ago Well Indians show their so called patriotism only in movies and shows. Making a movie on the life of a mass murderer and a fascist is considered an achievement for them. Such losers! At least Sanjay Dutt never killed any innocent people.
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Jagz_rocks 3 years ago Why there were not any article on sanjay duty biopic
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-RD- 3 years ago How much was IF paid by the congress and the lutyens to write this shit out of no where or is IF doing this muft mein to sound all liberally fashionable!
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AuthorSneha 3 years ago I dislike BJP and not a fan of Modi, but how come you all have woken up now? Where were you when Sanju was released and a Drug addict and terrorist Celebrity was white washed ?
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msin 3 years ago You are talking about the movie sanju right .. when biopic whitewashed his life .. oh no no you are talking about Modi .. why shouldn't the public watch his movie ( a person rising to the TOP ) In this land of nepotism and corrupt people .. seriously the only word for this article written by a presstitute
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luvumjht 3 years ago The writer of the article is attacking the movie Modi. Wish he/she had spine to write the article against sanju... oops y will they, no one paid them that time.
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