Is an oversized denim shirt the 'go to clothing' for all our Bollywood divas?

Let's find out...


Here to take fashion notes? Well, you have just landed in for a treat. As you already know, the days are hotter than ever and there is nothing better than the clothes which give your skin a space to breathe. We all lean on those white boyfriend shirts when it comes to loose clothing but the next best kin to a white shirt is an oversized denim shirt. 

Whether yours is made from crisp denim fabric or the soft one, the tailored shape of a button-down makes any outfit feel instantly elegant. Paired up with a jeans or a jegging, it looks uber chic. Our Btown celebrities are sporting the same looks these days on airports and in their casual outings as well. And we can't stop gushing over how easy these looks are to recreate and how ultra comfy they all will feel. 

The Quantico star, Priyanka Chopra, who keeps shuttling between Mumbai and New York, loves to dress herself in a demin shirt, a top inside and a pair of jeans. Recently too she was spotted at the airport wearing grey track pants, a black top and a dark blue denim shirt on top. Comfy and cool. A combo worth trying. 

Deepika Padukone styled it in a whole new manner as she paired up a rugged blue denim over sized shirt with a white long cotton shirt inside and black boots. Kareena Kapoor on the other hand wore the blue denim shirt with black jeans, took a black bag and was all ready to slay.

Anushka Sharma proved that when nothing fits, a denim shirt can come to the rescue. She was seen in a navy blue dress along with white sneakers and a denim shirt. Unique and uber cool, isn't it?

Alia bhatt too was no short of an eye candy when she walked to the airport wearing a ripped blue jeans, a sheer top and  a denim shirt to go with it. Her style was impeccable and well, a little credit goes to the denim shirt for sure. 

So girls, next time when you fail to lay hands on something which you might want to wear, chuck all ideas and stick to your denim shirt. It will make you slay all the way to the moon. 

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