Introducing Salaam Zindgi

Sony's latest product - Salaam Zindgi is all set to pay a tribute to the women on today. Read on to catch a glimpse of what's in store...

Sphere Origins and Sony Entertianment Television come up with yet another show filled with dreams and aspirations, triumphs and failures. Their latest serial – Salaam Zindgi takes the audience thru the journey of a girl next door – Manya, who is an effervescent, fun-filled girl-next door, with a focus. Manya’s biggest passion – dancing, clashes with the dreams of her grandfather, whose greatest loss was of his son who was an police inspector. Manya realizes her grandfather’s dreams and leaves aside all her desires and firmly decides on becoming a successful police inspector. She makes a choice and faces all odds of the consequences of her actions.

Starting on the 10th of December, Salaam Zindgi salutes the spirit of today’s woman.

Starring Parivaa Pranati of the Bhabie and Virrudh fame portrays the character of the girl next door, Manya. Deepak Qazir plays the key element in Manya’s life - her Grandfather – Havaldar Vaidji, who has dedicated his life to the police force, and wished that his son be a police inspector, but to his miseries, his son died on the first day of duty.

Catch Akshay (Abhay Vakil), Meenakshi (Anita Kulkarni) , Officer Khanna (Sachin Khurana), Nani (Gopi Desai) along with Parivaa on Salaam Zindgi from the 10th of December, Monday – Thrusday at 8:30pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.

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Deepak Qazir Kejriwal

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Abhay Vakil

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Sachin Khurana

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Anita Kulkarni

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Gopi Desai

Comments (10)

well....the theme has been done so many times on tv that it will be a bore to watch

16 years ago

the show sure looks interesting the promos does... & Parivaa really looks like a Barbie Doll cute....

16 years ago

awsome sounds like a godd show....will watch it... eh

16 years ago

@ff: well then r u never gnna watch any lmao

thanks for teh artice, waiting for te show :)

16 years ago

dang hecka new shows starting lately...but cant wait to watch this show....

16 years ago

sounds like a good show...but den its only gonna b about her as a police oficer 'period'...
tht mite drag on but still looking foward to it

16 years ago

I thot she wants to be a police officer and quit dancing as it was her mom's wish and her hatred...but otherway around...good story tho

16 years ago

i am hopeful since this Saat Phere team production, plus i like her too..she did great in Viruddh!

16 years ago

isnt abhay vakil, pranjal/daksh of paalkhi tht used 2 come on zee... i think he is...thts gr8 news...

16 years ago

Looks and sounds like an interesting and different show....lets see...

16 years ago

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