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International Justice Day Special: These Indian Courtroom Dramas 'Served' Justice & How!

17th July is observed as International Justice Day every year with an aim to support the victims of crime and to prevent such crimes on a global level…


17 July is observed as International Justice Day around the world with an aim to support the victims of crime, to promote human rights and preventing such crimes which threatens peace and security. It is also known as World Day of Justice and International Criminal Justice Day. Twenty years ago today, 120 countries adopted the Rome Statute, which led to the creation of the International Criminal Court (ICC). The court looks into the international crime cases and hold perpetrators responsible for the gravest crimes committed by high level authorities including government officials, military leaders, or rebel commanders.

Observing the 20th anniversary of World Day of Justice, we have compiled a list of Indian Television shows based on courtroom drama. These shows gave the audience a closer look at the judiciary system and the kind of crimes prevalent in the society. Check out the list below:


Adaalat was Ronit Roy’s one of the best shows, which showcased his versatility. The show aired on Sony TV and presented some good fictional cases and how K.D Pathak (Ronit Roy) used his brain to solve even the toughest case.


The Star One show titled Siddhant introduced a fresh concept even before Adaalat but never gained the popularity it deserved. The show was about a high profile lawyer named Siddhant, who remained a corrupt and bad lawyer half of his life until he realised the purpose of his life. The show featured actor Pawan Shankar as Siddhant, who did a wonderful job.


The show was a short lived soap opera but still known for its unconventional story-line that broke the stereotypes associated with daily soaps. The plot was a bit similar to the famous Ishrat Jahan encounter Case, which still remains a mystery. The story revolved around a Hindu girl who goes against the world to prove the innocence of her Muslim brother, who was tagged as a terrorist and encountered. Half of the show was set in a court where the girl fought her brother’s case against her mother-in-law.

 Bombay Lawyers

Bombay Lawyers was a fictional show which aired on NDTV, based on real-life incidents, real law and legal cases and original stories. It was a 13 episodes Television series which featured actors and theatre artists like Rushad Rana, Jyoti Dogra, Meeta Vashist, Kadambari Kadam and, Murli Sharma.

Which was your favourite show? Let us know in the comments below.

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