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'Indian Idol was a fantastic journey' -Meghna Kumar

Meghna Kumar, the 12th runner up of Indian Idol Season 5 on a chat with Tellybuzz…


Meghna Kumar, the Jhansi girl in Sony's Indian Idol 5 who very well reflected the never-say-die spirit of Jhansi through her strong sense of self-confidence despite her inability to see, talks to Tellybuzz about her future plans and how she could have done better at the show.

How was your journey in Indian Idol?
It was a fantastic journey a great experience. It feels good that I had been a part of such a journey and I will make use of all the lessons that I learnt in this experience.

Why did you say after the elimination – 'I knew this would happen'?
I don't know my intuition had been working that way for around two to three days that I will be eliminated. It was just intuition and nothing else.

Did you feel homesick since you stayed here away from your family?
I wasn't entirely alone. Father was with me , he took care of all my needs so I didn't really feel 'lonely' so to say…

Who did you get along with well among the contestants?
I got along with everyone very well. Since I did not trouble anyone, everyone was good to me (laughs).

How did your friends support you?
They supported me too well. They said – If you've made it so far then definitely God is on your side. Also, your father and your guru (Sameer Bhalerao from Jhansi) have trained and supported you spectacularly. You only have good things in store for with so much going on for you and our support.

Why do you feel you got eliminated even before reaching the top ten?
Well, obviously elimination happens due to lack of junta support …so I guess, I lacked their support…

The judges said – you lack the feel in your songs…
The judges know best. If they say so it is right. I will work on improving the feel of my songs.

What exactly caused for your eyesight to go away?
Well, it happened around four to five years back. The doctors didn't say much about it just that my eyesight would deteriorate…now it's pretty much gone completely…so that's about it.

Do you feel if this weren't the case with your eyes, you would've performed in a better way?
Yes indeed, I face a problem. Honestly, I feel I could have interacted better with the audience had I been able to see them and make eye-contact with them.

How did the judges' comments help you?
They have helped me a lot. I followed every word of theirs and made sure I inculcated their tips in my next performance. And it was wonderful to hear when the judges noticed and appreciated my improvements.

Can you tell us who you feel will reach the top 3 in this season of Indian idol?
I can in no way answer that question (laughs).

Now that you've gained recognition, what is your next step?
My immediate plan is to move out of Jhansi and find more opportunities in bigger cities like Calcutta and Mumbai. I am looking forward to do concerts and other performances.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose


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Vaibhav.sharma 10 years ago wat abt the Veto power Anu was talking abt..
sweet_angel27 10 years ago she has an amazing voice I wished she was still in :(
saty1674 10 years ago My opinion are independent and I predict, that Judges played a game with her. She was not only better than many singers but also meghna was best Judges should not eliminate her for the reasons well know to them
chahaat. 10 years ago love her singing!
She waz my fav. one!
tulipbaby53 10 years ago She's such a good singer, but too bad the audience is driven by face over talent!
Ms.S.K. 10 years ago She was better than Manisha. Manisha should have gone. The sufi song was a proof that she did not deserve to go. Hope she can come in wild card. Otherwise good luck to you Meghna and all the best for the future. You are still young. Who knows in a year or two you will be in bollywood.
kevinjosef 10 years ago her last sufi was awesome!! she should have stayed..
prettywomen22 10 years ago I think what I liked about you is that you are a trained singer. You were superb while you were singing Lataji's songs. I bet if anyone can get Lataji's song as well as you did in ID-5. Pls don't get your eyesight in your way. I personally didn't feel you had any problem because I didn't see you were conscious about it at all. You are blessed is all I can say and go girl, conquer the world and be a role model for less fortunate ones.
XxXARLOVERXxX 10 years ago all the best for the future Meghna god will always be with you xxxxxxxxx :)
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