Indian Idol salutes the spirit of Brave India...

The judges, contestants and hosts of Indian Idol express their grief over the recent Mumbai attacks, before breaking into the theme of 'Romance' in the First Gala...


The recent Mumbai terror attacks have jolted the entire nation!! Though all seemed back to work and music in Sony’s Indian Idol 4, the grief over the heavy loss of life of innocent people, eminent people, brave cops and even braver commandos clouded the contestants as well as the judges and hosts.

Before getting to the episode shoot, everyone in the studio stood as a resolute Indian as the two minutes of silence was observed.

Said Annu Malek, “My heart is heavy.  But it is a duty that has to be done and since it can not be done with glum faces we have to do it with a smile”. Javed Akhtar was heard saying, “I am shocked that a handful of terrorists simply stroll into our city and attack us and hold us to ransom for days! We have to get together and let those in power know that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”. Sonali too had a word of advice to give her country mates, as she said, “Exercise the power of voting”.

As the show began, all contestants stood tall and sang with utmost passion, on ‘Apni Jeet Ho Unki Haar Haan’.

The atmosphere got lighter as the theme of ‘Romance’, kicked off!!

Catch the first GALA episode this Friday, December 5 at 9.00 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.


Javed Akhtar Jeet 

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