#IndependenceDay: 10 Patriotic shows to cherish on this Independence Day!

This Independence Day ignite the Indian in you with these patriotic shows...

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We complete 69 years of Independence today and step into the 70th year. The democratic India has gradually put itself on the global map in almost all fields and the latest example of the same in Rio Olympics 2016 where we have sent our largest contingent ever.
We may still await the medal but our hopes haven't faded. Today, on our 70th Independence Day, we list down 10 patriotic shows which you can have on our TV list and binge-watch them with pride and goosebumps even..


A military drama show which showcased the character of Abhimanyu Rai (Shah Rukh Khan) facing the exploits of Lt Col Sanjoy Banerji on his road to serve his country. The show went on to become a cult in the years and now Bollywood megastar, Shah Rukh credits this first big break for it.


The show's primary plot was the love-hate relationship of the protagonists, Rudra (Ashish Sharma) and Paro (Sanaya Irani). However, the backdrop involved Rudra as a dedicated army officer who killed Paro's first husband and was involved in the illegal arms trade across the border. It involved some astounding action scenes which included Rudra's love and service for the country.

Tujpe Dil Qurban

The name itself suggested the patriotic flavour and the actual show was no different. Portraying the life of army men across the border where the soldiers train themselves for wars against opponents. It had an ensemble cast which involved actors like Deepak Parashar, Parmeet Sethi and Rohit Roy! The show was appreciated widely and went on to become a followed show in the future.
Time Bomb 9/11

One of the first shows to portray Indian terrorism and the fight against it, this show starring Rajeev Khandelwal was one of the best finite series back then. It drew inspiration from real life terrorist groups and their attempt to destroy the Prime Minister and how the Indian Intelligence Agency protects the country.

Left Right Left

The most popular modern youth military drama starred an ensemble cast, Rajeev Khandelwal (Cpt Rajveer Singh Shekhawat), Shweta Salve (Dr Ritu Bissht), Kunal Karan Kapoor (Cdt Yadhuvansh Sahni), Harshad Chopda (Cdt Ali Baig), Arjun Bijlani (Cdt Alekh Sharma), Priyanka Bassi (Cdt Naina Singh Ahluwalia), Vikas Manaktala (Cdt Amardeep Hooda) and Ghazal Rai (Cdt Pooja Ghai). It showcased the story of six confused cadets in an army school and their journey to become the best soldiers for the Indian Army.

Saara Akaash

One of the first shows on Indian television to feature air force drama, Saara Akaash starring Shakti Anand and Sai Deodhar as the leads, showcased the journey of five young air force pilots who complete their training and join the force as officers. The show ran for a limited time but garnered appreciation.


A show that had an instant impact owing to its unusual numerical title, 2613 was actually a sequel to the show 2612. It featured Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar (Swaragini fame) as Rashmi, who is living a new life moving on from Shahana's death and comes across an Intelligence Agency (SIU) in the need of a citizen, who can help fight terrorism and is forced to join it.

Choona Hai Aasman

After the success of 'Saara Akaash', the concept of air force drama was certainly deserved another shot. And then arrived 'Chhoona Hai Aasmaan' which ran for a considerable time with Iqbal Khan (Flt. Lt. Wing Commander Abhimanyu Adhikari) and Janvi Chedda (Flt. Lt. Sameera Singh) as leads. The show was received well, however was later criticized for loosing its center plot.


'Pukaar' was a modern military drama and was a mini finite series starring Rannvijay Singh (Major Rajveer Shergill) and the story of his pride as an officer. This 24 episodic show was produced and directed by Vipul Amrutlal Shah and Deven Bhojani respectively.


Anil Kapoor created a stir when he announced that he is set to remake the American television show, '24.' However, unlike the quintessential belief of 'Indian makers spoiling foreign shows by remaking them', this official remake emerged to be one of the best finite series Indian television has witnessed. With a stellar star cast and intriguing plot where Anil Kapoor (Jai Singh Rathod) has 24 hours to save India from a major terrorist attack, the show was widely acclaimed. Also, the sequel is currently on-air and like its predecessor, is garnering a lot of critical acclaim.
So, apart from willingly being a part of the flag-hoisting ceremony and singing the national anthem, tune in to these shows and feel the nostalgia and the spirit of being an Indian.

Happy 70th Independence Day..!

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