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'In my teens, my friends used to tease me as Hanger' - Vishal Karwal

Vishal Karwal, Lallaji of COLORS' Sabki Jodi Bhagyavidhaata talks about his good physique and fitness conscious mindset..

Published: Sunday,Apr 25, 2010 12:44 PM GMT-06:00
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Do you follow any fitness regime?
Yes, I do. Firstly I take proper care of my diet, avoid intake of heavy dinner at night and in soft drinks, I consume only Diet Coke.
What does your usual diet consist of?
Mostly Tandoori chicken, but prepared in curd as that lessens the fat content in it. Apart from that I prefer having healthy chicken sandwiches.

What's your idea of a fit person?
I would regard a person with good physique to be healthy; at the same time being fit from within also counts. I presume that a person who develops and maintains a good physique obviously works out regularly and takes care of his diet.

Do you look upon calories when it comes to eating?
Of course, I'm a calorie conscious freak. I look at calorie content even before consuming a juice (smiles).

Some fun ways to work out?
I feel a person who is serious about his fitness and physique will find fun ways himself. If you ask me for a suggestion to keep fit, I would say never consume steroids as it injuries the body from within. If required one can consume protein supplements and nothing more than that.

Your favorite food item which you have started avoiding after going for regular gym?
There are many in the list, but mainly I loved cheese pizza and pasta which I had to give up. I also avoid all other kinds of junk food.

Do you have a personal trainer?
Yes, I have recently changed my place of workout, but have a personal trainer.

What is your regime to keep fit?
Hitting the gym regularly works as a stress buster for me. After long shooting hours I remove all my frustration when I am at the gym. I attribute my good physique to regular gym activity.

How were you in your teens and how are you now?
In my teens my friends used to tease me as 'hanger'. I was so thin but then I had challenged them that I would get healthy one day, and now I think I have proved myself.  

Who do you think has an impressive body in the industry?
I feel it's Hrithik Roshan because he has a very sleek body which suits his height and style.

Who do you idolize when it comes to a good body?
 Undoubtedly Salman Khan. I think he's the only one who has the capability of maintaining such a great build and physique for so long. Hats off to him.

Reporter and Author: Pooja Shenoy.



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KSGWELUVU 13 years ago Yep he's right! Salman Khan has the best body!
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Bazinga 13 years ago @Nish:
"About Hrithik's Body right said, time to follow maybe ?? ;)"

To be honest, I don't like HR's body either, he is well toned and doesn't have an ounce of flab alright but he doesn't really have a perfectly sculpted body or so I feel. I think John Abraham and Arjun Rampal have the best bodies- they are in perfect proportion with their natural frame plus they are well toned and have just the right amount of muscular mass.

Anyways, coming to our hero here- he had a good physique during the beginning of the show- methinks he should go back to the leaner look , this buffed up look is making him look heavy!2010-04-27 02:50:10
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okbaba 13 years ago he is a roadie-cum splitsvillia 1 winner-cum-actor
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Bazinga 13 years ago @Nish: You are so right about his "smartness"! Can you believe that I never knew "Diet" Coke had lesser calories than normal soft drinks till this article came about? I always thought "diet" was added before "coke" in Diet Coke only to make it look fancy and just for fun- gasp! :O2010-04-25 14:43:03
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smartc 13 years ago Thanxx @ Pooja for this one. A request to u though: I wanna see Richa's interview here too. She's been truly FAB & consistent in her portrayal of "Bindiya". Hope TB can get her interview next and something more candid and less formal, please? ;)2010-04-25 14:47:53
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thejazzgal 13 years ago he's such a sweet him..wit his sweet dimples..
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Bazinga 13 years ago " you get frustrated on set regularly, cause you go to gym daily! :O Why not try some music next time :)"

LMAO Nishhhhh, you never leave an opportunity to chance pe dance maarofy on *ahem* Mr Smart's comments eh? ;)
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pari_41 13 years ago @rheasinha: then why did u visit this article for first time atleast??????
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wida 13 years ago hehe
he is deifnately not a hanger now
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rheasinha 13 years ago @CUTIE4197
I should know him?
But am so sorry u must be but am not at all interested in flop actors.
And next time dont hurt ur fingers coz am not gonna visit this article again.
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