Imlie: Surya threatens Imlie on burning the Chaudhary house

Imlie written update, 29th February, 2024: Surya warns Imlie about setting the Chaudhary house on fire.

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Sai Ketan Rao and Adrija Roy
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The episode of Imlie tonighht opens with Surya confronting Imlie, dismissing her threats as ineffective. He asserts that she's powerless because the Chaudhrys trust him more than they trust her. 

Surya's warnings to Imlie:

While Sonali may not disclose anything due to her stubborn nature, Surya predicts that Shivani will soon expose everything. As they converse, Nirmala interrupts, requesting water and expressing frustration over the distance between her room and the kitchen. Surya kindly offers her water. Meanwhile, Imlie reveals Surya's plan to surprise his mother by relocating her to a room closer to the kitchen, currently occupied by Alka. Nirmala approves of the idea and instructs Surya to move her belongings to the adjacent room.

The Chaudhary's celebrate Surya's return:

In a taunting tone, Imlie suggests that Shivani and Nirmala won't trust Surya once they discover his favoritism towards Malti over Sonali and Shivani. Surya warns her to cease her provocations, reminding her of the Chaudhrys' abandonment and his gratitude towards Nirmala's family for taking him in. Imlie counters by sharing her own childhood abandonment, questioning why Surya believes his struggles were more significant. Surya warns her with a fiery gaze, implying that he won't tolerate further disrespect.

The next day, the Chaudhrys prepare for a celebration, with Alka returning to her room. Daadi reveals that while Surya has forgiven Alka, she still harbors resentment towards her. Amidst the festivities, Nirmala announces her departure to Surya, expressing gratitude for raising him and joining the family for the ceremony. Surya's anger intensifies, directed towards Imlie.

Surya sets the room on fire:

During the celebration, Surya is coerced into dancing and distributing gifts, while Imlie quietly exits. Alka returns to her room, frustrated by the family's cold treatment. Imlie then arrives with Nirmala's bags, announcing her relocation to Alka's room. Alka confronts Daadi about the sudden change, leading to a heated exchange where Surya is criticized for favoring his biological family over Alka and Nirmala.

In an attempt to resolve the conflict, Surya sets fire to the room, claiming it as a solution to the problem. However, the situation escalates when a painting falls towards Imlie, resulting in Surya burning his hand while saving her. The family rushes to extinguish the fire, with Daadi expressing concern for Surya's well-being.

Imlie confronts Surya:

As tensions ease, Daadi assures Nirmala that she can stay wherever she pleases in the house. Back in their room, Surya tends to his injured hand while Imlie confronts him for risking his safety in their conflict. Surya, in a moment of vulnerability, admits his fear of seeing tears in Malti's eyes, resolving to prevent further distress.


Surya accuses Imlie of causing Malti's suffering, while Imlie defends her actions. Surya then dismisses her and shuts her out of the house.

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