Imlie: Imlie refuses to marry Surya, Surya states she will have to

Imlie written update, 18th mARCH, 2024: Imlie refuses to marry Surya. Read on to know more.

- By "Aanchal Chowdhary"
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Courtesy : Adrija Roy

Surya solemnly reminds Imlie of the gravity of her board exams, emphasising their irreplaceable nature. He regrets her potential inability to fulfil her academic aspirations, as he had vowed to stand by her through every hardship. Tearfully, he tears up her study papers, symbolising his anguish. Imlie questions if his actions stem from jealousy, to which Surya responds with a callous remark, implying that she should grow accustomed to disappointment, as he has caused her irreversible harm. Daadi instructs Jugnu to adorn Agastya's room for Imlie, presenting her with a framed photograph of Agastya and Imlie to complete the ambiance. However, Sonali interrupts, revealing that Imlie's school has accused her of cheating, effectively jeopardising her exam prospects.

Surya confronts Daadi, who rebukes him for his impulsive actions, denouncing his abuse of authority and betrayal of trust. She lambasts him for extinguishing Imlie's hopes, highlighting the irony of a "sun" bringing darkness into someone's life. As Daadi castigates him further, Surya expresses his concern for his sister, Malti, aiming to earn her respect. However, Sonali and Shivani condemn him for tarnishing his reputation through his mistreatment of Imlie. Defeated, Surya retreats, prompting Tripathi to inform him of a critical situation. Tripathi reveals footage captured by Imlie's mobile phone, documenting Raghu's assault on her and Surya's subsequent intervention.

Meanwhile, as Imlie traverses the streets, Raghu attempts to run her over with his car, initiating a pursuit. Raghu menaces Imlie, demanding the return of his diamonds, while Surya races to her rescue. Amidst the chaos, Raghu grievously injures Imlie, compelling Surya to intervene. Confronting Raghu, Surya rebukes him for endangering Imlie's life and betraying Malti's trust. Raghu, indifferent to Surya's admonishments, seizes control of the situation, urging Surya to locate the individuals responsible for Agastya's death. As tension escalates, Raghu threatens Surya, demanding the return of his diamonds or face dire consequences. In a desperate attempt to shield Imlie, Surya is left stunned as she takes a bullet meant for him.

In the aftermath, Imlie firmly rejects Surya's proposal of marriage, asserting her unwavering love for Agastya. However, Surya remains adamant, insisting on their union despite her refusal.