Imlie: Imlie asks Surya to start afresh, Surya determines to uncover the truth behind Raghu's death

Imlie written update, 28th February, 2024: Imlie asks Surya to start afresh and suggests being friends.

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Adrija Roy and Sai Ketan Rao
Adrija Roy and Sai Ketan Rao as Imlie and Agastya in Imlie.

The episode of Imlie tonight commences with Surya reminiscing about being accepted into the Chaudhry family. Imlie, holding documents, confronts him, highlighting the Chaudhrys' value for truth. 

Imlie wants to start fresh with Surya:

She suggests that if Surya had revealed his identity as their son, they would have embraced him without any hesitation. Imlie extends an olive branch, suggesting they put the past behind and become friends. Asserting her identity as just Imlie, she urges Surya to do the same and hands him childhood photos of Agastya, encouraging him to cherish his lost childhood memories.

Surya reveals his identity to the Chaudharys:

Acknowledging Imlie's point, Surya decides to reveal the truth about himself. He discloses his real name as Senior Inspector Surya Pratap Reddy and not the derogatory nicknames given to him. He unveils a photo of Raghu, shocking Imlie with memories of his death, buried secretly. Surya explains his motive for investigating Raghu's fate in the Chaudhry house and confronts Imlie about her role in the incident. With a promise to meet his family, Surya approaches the Chaudhrys, acknowledging their kindness while expressing his intention to uncover the truth behind Raghu's demise.

As the family discusses his return, Surya subtly challenges Imlie, insinuating her guilt. Despite Daadi's advice to focus on his family, Surya confronts Imlie about her past role as a maid. Daadi expresses joy at Surya's return, while Surya continues to provoke Imlie, pressing her to reveal the truth. Tensions rise as Imlie discovers a photo linking Raghu to Malti, realizing the gravity of the situation.

Surya is determined to confront Shivani:

Amidst conflicting emotions, Imlie shows the photo to Sonali and Shivani, revealing Raghu's identity as Malti's husband. Surya intervenes, admitting his guilt for Malti's suffering due to his actions. Shivani insists on revealing the truth to Surya, but Imlie and Sonali advocate for Malti's welfare, prompting a debate over the best course of action. Later, Binni interrupts their conversation, redirecting Imlie to her tasks. In the kitchen, Surya joins Imlie in making laddus, sharing a sentimental moment as he reminisces about his bond with Malti. Determined to uncover the truth, Surya vows to confront Shivani.


Imlie confronts Surya, acknowledging the injustices he's faced but reminding him that he, too, can be mistaken. She urges him to shed his blinders of misunderstanding and embrace the truth. In response, Surya issues a stern warning to Imlie, cautioning her against continued scrutiny, lest she faces consequences.

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