'IGT' winner wants to bring Kathak back to Bollywood

India's Got Talent Season 5 winner, Kathak exponent Ragini Makkhar believes the country's classical heritage is being sidelined. She hopes to bring the dance form back to the movies and is confident it will be a hit among the youth.

India's Got Talent Season 5 winner, Kathak exponent Ragini Makkhar believes the country's classical heritage is being sidelined. She hopes to bring the dance form back to the movies and is confident it will be a hit among the youth.

"In our country, the classical heritage is being sidelined. There is no culture for cultural activities any longer. Youngsters run the other way the minute the word 'classical' is uttered as though it's some kind of a disease. I want to show youngsters how much fun Kathak can be," Makkhar said.

The dancer, along with 12 students from her Naadyog institute won the fifth season of the talent reality show Saturday.

Makkhar says she wants to use the Rs.50 lakh prize money she has won on India's Got Talent to build a stronger infrastructure for aspiring dancers.

"I want to use the money to help poor and needy children who want to dance but cannot do so because of their economic condition. There is so much I want to do, and so little time. I am grateful and happy that 'India's Got Talent' has given me and my students and the Kathak dance form, a renewed visibility and recognition."

She pines to bring classical dancing back to Bollywood.

"Just give me an opportunity to take Kathak back into the movies. I promise you it will be a hit with the youth," she said.

Winning a show like India's Got Talent, where contestants from all nooks and corners of the country, jostled for attention and appreciation by judges Kirron Kher, Karan Johar and Malaika Arora Khan, is a special feeling for Makkhar.

"It's a victory not only for me and the 12 students of my dancing institute who participated in the show, but also for the classical heritage which seems to have been lost in today's times. I am sorry to say, the current generations don't seem to respect our cultural roots," said Makkhar, who has for the last 25 years been helming a Kathak institute named Naadyog where 360 students learn Kathak dancing.

She says she cannot recall a day when she was not interested in Kathak.

"I was born with a passion for Kathak. I've been dancing from the age of two. No one in my family has ever dabbled in the 'K' of Kathak. There is no history of dancers in my family. So I really don't know where this obsession in me for Kathak came from.

"Kathak is not just my life. It's the very reason for my existence. I won't last a day without my dancing," says the dancer, who is a Punjabi married into a Maharashtrian family.

She describes her struggle to excel in Kathak dancing as a painful but rewarding journey.

"I've struggled and endured a lot. It hasn't been easy. My dance academy Naadyog endeavors to provide a platform for talented dancers. I never had any support or facility. I had to make my way to my dreams on my own."


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Krilovad 6 years ago i am so much happy Ragini's group won i love so much Kathk Dance.
big Congrats...
Meena_J 6 years ago Loved ragini's group! I'm happy that group won because it represents Indian culture rather than being influenced by the west. Love kathak<3333
SheDevil 9 years ago shahid luks bst wid amrita thts it.I really dont care PC so it not bither me whether she can act or not
-veena.shona- 9 years ago luv d couple vry much
Vivah n Ishq Vishq rocks!!!!
dey luk nyc 2gether
det r d bst couple evr!!2011-03-20 22:47:59
shivangi278 9 years ago loved them in vivah..SmileHeart
saraaa. 9 years ago I guess we fans find it absurd that ShaMrita is being comparied to SKPC .. well anyways peace out .. ive rest my case Tongue
safeplacetoland 9 years ago I ain't talking about you. :)
Zaarah, I agree. It's a really absurd comparison! :P
Zaraah 9 years ago i think its the biggest joke i have ever cone across.... comparison of priyanka chopra and amrita rao.... priyanka is a way better actress than amrita... u just cant compare them.... look at priyanka s body of work..its just phenomenal!
saraaa. 9 years ago @Untamed .. I did NOT say that Kaminey wasn't a hit .. I said that Vivah and JWM were BIGGER hits ..
JWM was his biggest hit ever
and Vivah was his 1st commerical hit

If someone asked Shahid, what was your very first successful film, he would say Vivah

Thats all im saying LOOL!
I never said anything about jealousy OR PC .. unless your directing that to some other people because PC is a good actor for suree .. I can't argue about that with youu! Oh and Shahid DID mention that Amrita was one of his fav. co stars ..
@Ragz yaa totally agree with youu dear .. Amrita has won awards .. unfortunately talent like hers is not usually recognized in Bollywood .. *rolls eyes* thats why half the actors in Bollywood can't act LOOL! Im hoping that Amrita gets to do more films and with Shahid too2011-03-20 09:07:11
safeplacetoland 9 years ago Go buy a dictionary and look up the meaning of "jealous" and get back to me. As far as I know, stating your opinion doesn't mean being jealous.

Seriously if I say am jealous will it make you happy? Then okay I AM SUPER DUPER JEALOUS of you. Why? Ask yourself! Cool

And before stating that Kaminey was not a hit, check your facts. Like seriously, do some research. Understood Vivah did well, but Kaminey was a smashing hit. ;) And Shahid himself said his best co-stars are Priyanka & Genelia. Wink Wink

And enough with the basher, hater thing. The way you talk to me, makes you one too. You point one finger at me three point at you.

Despite being MF Hussein's muse Amrita hasn't given a decent film in 2 years. What about PC? Kaminey, Fashion, WYR, SKM, Dostana and the list goes on and on and on. Big smile And beauty is just SKIN DEEP. No one cares how you look if you are not a good person inside. Oh and if we really are talking about beauty, Priyanka won MISS. WORLD!!!
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