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'If not an actor, I would have been a biker' - Aamir Dalvi

Aamir Dalvi is one versatile actor who shows a wide variety when it comes to the roles he has done on television. Here is the actor in a conversation with TellyBuzz..


Aamir Dalvi has always made a conscious effort to showcase his unique acting talent thro' the wide variety of roles that he has worked on till date.

Aamir presently plays the happy-go-lucky chap in Imagine's Jyoti. At the same time, he is seen essaying the role of a tapori in Sahara One's Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki.

Here is the versatile actor in a joyful chat with TellyBuzz.

Tell us about your idea to take up this character of 'Kabir' in Jyoti?
The character sketch of Kabir is something I haven't done before; he's highly energetic, super positive. And secondly I have been portrayed as a dance teacher and I don't dance much. So I wanted to experiment with myself and see how much I could push myself towards it.

And how is the character growing now?
It's going good; it has been sketched out very well. The entry of this character has brightened up the atmosphere in the serial.

You have been working on two contrast roles one in Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki and other in Jyoti. So how do you look at the transition?
It's great fun. I always enjoy enacting characters that have a different conviction.

You have been regarded as a versatile actor. What would you comment on that?
Thanks for regarding me as a versatile actor (smiles). But on a serious note, it's a conscious effort to portray different shades to the audience. I inherit a lot of inspiration about character variations from Hollywood movies.

Apart from being selective I could also regard myself as lucky. If at all I get any similar character albeit in an interesting concept, I then try to modify it by my own skills.

Even today people remember Aamir Dalvi by your character in the serial Jeevan Saathi. So what do you feel about its impact on audience?
I feel people started believing that I can perform well even when given no dialogues (smiles). But yes, that has been my Best character as of now, even though I haven't received any award for it. And it was very difficult for me because I panic a lot at the start of every project, so a lot had to be worked on.

So how was the feeling when you got an opportunity to speak in the show after so many episodes?
Frankly I was very against the character getting his voice back. If I had an opportunity, I wouldn't have scripted that. Having said this, the character later went on to have a strong interaction with his father-in-law, so it was interesting.

Do you think that your entry into Jyoti has given it the much required spark?
I can't comment on that though, but my entry has added up an entertainment factor to the serial. My character gets a smile on Jyoti's face and has made the track lively. If people feel it has added on a spark then so be it (smiles).

Even after being around for quite a while, you still look so very young. What's the secret behind this?
I thank my genes for that (laughs). May be I have a kind of face structure on which my age doesn't get reflected. Also I experiment a lot on my looks, and regular gym visits keeps me fragile. In a way all this increases shelf life.

So any future plans to take up any reality shows?
Nothing as of now, but in future I would love to be part of a pure competitive show like Fear Factor or Roadies.

What are your passions apart from acting?
I love bikes. There was a time when I used to race bikes in competitions. Now I ride it just as a hobby; but if not an actor I would have taken up biking as a full time profession.

Which character do you think is more appreciated - Jeet Khanna in Woh Rehne Waali or Kabir in Jyoti?
It's difficult for me to answer this. But the influence of a character also depends upon the reach and distribution of the channel and the serial on the whole. On those grounds, I think Imagine is doing well in comparison to Sahara. As per the feedback got on sets, I feel that both the characters are going strong in their own way.

What do you think is the strength of both the characters?
I think even though the characters have been portrayed to be stubborn or lively, they are very clean at heart.

Your views about the present scenario in the television industry?
It is good as long as they are giving me work (laughs). Jokes apart, I notice certain changes, as in huge sets are being erected and new techniques are being implemented these days. So change is happening though steadily, but for the good of all.

Any future projects you are planning to work on?
Nothing right now, I'm just concentrating on these two projects.

Message for your fans on India-Forums.
Thank you all for immense support and dedicated viewership. Your feedback has always helped me to improve for the better and deliver the best. And I do visit India-Forums website quite frequently, and it feels great to be a part of the same.

Reporter and Author: Pooja Shenoy.


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Gud Luck !!!
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