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'I would love to take up rifle shooting as a sport' -Priyamvada Sawant

The beautiful Priyamvada Sawant is a good rifle shooter and loves greenery. Here is the actress talking about her passions, her dream roles and the ways in which she likes to ease out...

Published: Sunday,Sep 14, 2008 19:40 PM GMT-06:00
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I would love to take up rifle shooting as a sport -Priyamvada Sawant
I would love to take up rifle shooting as a sport -Priyamvada Sawant
What would you do to relax after a hard day’s work schedule?
Well, the best way of relaxation for me will be to listen to music or watch movies or just hit the bed and have a cozy sleep. But I would always love to watch movies.

So what is the type of movies you prefer watching?
It can be anything. In fact, in the last 15 days, I have watched lot of movies. A Wednesday and Mumbai Meri Jaan were really good films. I have enrolled myself in a Film Library and watch movies whenever possible.

What are your priorities in life?
Live life as it comes, I would say. But as of now, the happening thing for me is Work. So that would be my priority.

Do you set aside time for your family?
Nothing like that!! Family is always there with me, so I set aside all my time for work (grins).

What are you passionate about?
I love to do rifle shooting. Because of my hectic schedule, I have not been able to devote time for practice.

How did you develop a liking to a sport like rifle shooting?
Well, from childhood, whenever I went to a mela, I used to opt for shooting balloons. I used to do so well that I decided to work on it. I checked up the walking directory, attended a course for nearly a month. I have even taken part in competitions. Though I am just a beginner, I am quite interested doing it.

So what about any roles in TV where you can hold a rifle?
Yes, if you ask me, I have three dream roles that I would like to play. One is a lady don, second will be to play a tapori mumbaiyya and lastly, a cop.

What is your idea of relaxation?
I will love to be in a place with trees all around where I can have a peaceful walk. Even meditation would help.

So do you meditate often?
My dad has been meditating as well as doing yoga for many years now. From childhood, I have seen him and learned few things. He has been my driving force to exercise regularly and encourages me to keep fit that way.

Do you exercise daily?
Yes, now that I have begun my shooting schedule again, I wake up early, hit the gym where I spend at least 1 hour to myself. I believe that if a woman gives herself even 15 minutes, she can get fitter.

What is your exercise pattern in the gym?
I take up weights one day and follow it up with cardio exercises the next day.

If given a chance to make one of your hobbies/passion as your profession then what will it be?
I have done my PG Diploma in Advertising because I wanted to be a copywriter. If given a chance to be in sync with the syllabus, I will love to take up that as a profession. And of course, I want to specialize in rifle shooting and take it up as a sport.

Lastly, who/what is your biggest energy booster in life?
There is nobody like that. I would say imagination is what pushes me to achieve my goal and set bigger targets in life.

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Do you really need it :P @-Adhoore- 15 years ago wow she look really good !!!!i really like her in the picture!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Rita Shah
Rita Shah @Rita Shah 15 years ago I loved her in mdta. she looked beautiful all the time in sarees
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Shruti @shruti 15 years ago Priamvada is looking pretty in that pic.
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Nazmien aka Naz @NazNgs 15 years ago OMG....Priyamvada is so Beautiful....thanx for the interview..uffff really looking forward to her new serial....Priyamvada is the best of the best...I love her so much...i also missed her after mdta...omg can't wait to see her again...thnx guys thnx for the interview
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Sano @ISano 15 years ago <wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i cant wait for her new show.. ong thanx thanx for the interview.. i love luv her. she si the best.. and she is so pretty omg..
man i relaly missed her after mdta
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~*puja*~ @~*puja*~ 15 years ago Thanks... great interview?

What the new serial she's working on?
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Don't worry, be happy. @Ranbirrocks 15 years ago Good interview ..what serial is she working in ?
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