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'I would love to play Tulsi on screen' - Neha Desai

Neha Desai, the bubbly youngster talks about her most memorable moment, likes and dislikes...

Favorite Past time: Watching movies and playing squash.


Your Loved ones call you: It's Neha only; but at home, my mom and dad call me Bitu or Beta.


Your Favorite Holiday Destination: Jaipur and Bhopal. I love to visit Jaipur in winter season as it looks so beautiful, and Bhopal because it is my native place.


One role in TV you would like to do: I would like to play the role of Komolika as she is the most popular vamp on television. Among positive roles, I would love to play Tulsi.


Favorite Color: Definitely it would be Black.


Most memorable Moment: When my first article appeared on newspaper, and that too on the 2nd page. My dad was so overwhelmed that he kept calling me many times. That has to be the most memorable moment in my life till date.

Favorite Brand: I am not so brand conscious. In sports, I prefer Reebok and if I have to choose branded clothes, then it would be Rumanika.


Best Compliment you have ever received: It was one of the scenes that I did in Grihasti. All the unit members clapped after I gave my take and even my director complimented me saying it was my best shot.


You share your Closest Secrets with: I share all my talks with my friends Neeta and Shika,  but there are always few things which you cannot share with anyone.


One word always on your Lips: 'Arre yaar',  this is the word that is constantly there on my lips.


You love to spend time with: I love to spend time with my friends, and that is the best way I can connect with them.


Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair




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sweet_shagun 11 years ago nyc interview..!!concept seems really nyc
neha2106 11 years ago This content is hidden.
-Preeti- 11 years ago liked her pic
she looks so cute

all the best neha
Nishtha 11 years ago hey Neha...

We all miss you in Grihasthi to the core :''( all the best for ur future and all ur endevours.you are a nice actor and a sweet girl :P .My wishes are with you always..

Priya_SD 11 years ago thnx!! Kewl she''s from Bhopal!! So is Divyanka
CrazyChatterbox 11 years ago arre yaar...LOLzz

anyways...i miss neha as soni...not to say tt the current soni isnt good, but i still miss neha...
*Shruti* 11 years ago She was in Grihasti as the youngest sister!!
sabih 12 years ago This content is hidden.
sidsk 12 years ago like Rakesh Rohsan,some of the media just cant stand good relations between these big stars and blow eveything out of proportion.
SRK is not the kind to get miffed by such silly things.
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