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I would love to be born as a Star Son - Pankit Thakkar

We catch Pankit Thakkar, aka Dr Atul Joshi, for some quick fire griling.


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Your Nickname: Sweetu

Your Best Personal Quality: Sincerity and Optimism.

Your Weak Point according to you: My naivety. I easily believe everything and everybody and take everything at it�s face value. That has caused me a lot of grief and pain.

Your Biggest Influence is: The biggest influence in my life has been my own optimism. I have complete faith in myself. That is why even when everyone had advised, even warned me against becoming an actor as they thought I would never make it, even my astrological charts seem to say so, I kept faith in myself and finally became what I wanted to.

If you could go back in time you would...? : I would want to born as a star son so that I could at least get a launch vehicle.

If you could be anyone else you would be...?: No one. I am happy the way I am.

Greatest gift you have ever received: To be honest, nothing noteworthy as such.

First thing that you do when you wake up every morning : I go to the kitchen and make myself a cup of tea. It is something I like to do myself, as I am very particular about the way I have my morning cuppa.

Your best role so far: I enjoyed shooting for Special Squad. Sometimes, you click with everyone on the sets. Special Squad was like that. Starting from the spot boy to the camera person to the actors to the script writers, everyone bonded there. We had a fabulous time. Also, my the role I played in Kabhi Sautan Kabhi Saheli I believe had many shades to it, and it�s very close to my heart.

Working in Dill Mill Gayye has been : It has been very different, and very professional. Because of the tight shooting schedules, we have not have had quality bonding time. Everyone keeps to their make up vans if they are not shooting, and the atmosphere is highly professional and driven. I love it that way as I also love the time I get to myself.

As told to Minnie.
Questions courtesy Sonia (sonia_dmg)

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untamedvampire 12 years ago haila! i ws thinking y do these questions sound so familiar!? mein ney yeh article AB parha! gosh im so blind =S

but wow gr8 article... and such a cute nickname!! totally suits him!
Dark Love
Dark Love 12 years ago I love that dude! He's so cute in DMG =D
shakta 12 years ago fine answers and sweet boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rushshri 12 years ago simply gr8 words frm a simple person. Luv u 4 dis.
tonika 12 years ago yes sweetu could b d name wich suits u. it ws g8 2 knw more abt u.
u seem 2 b more cute as u r in dmg. hope 2 knw abt more abt u. thnx. & ya u rox as atul:)
maha_prakrti 12 years ago Are wah Ajay I mean... Punit... Great interview... Thanks a lot!!!!! Loved him in Special Squad and he is rocking as Dr. Atul... You know Punit, we call you Chaachu Doctor in SS forum.... I think you know why.. Lol
possible 12 years ago Nobody know how much i wonder to know about my favourit actor
sweetu realy matches with him as a nick name
pankit want to born as star son
i will always support him. Do your best pankit.
some are realy true fan of your
i like it..........
shaz81 12 years ago Thank's dear it nice to know a little about are favourite actor's!!!
StayStrong 12 years ago O Sweetu so sweeeet, he is Sweetu.

Thaks alot for the article.

mz.jess 12 years ago like his character in dmg better, then reallife, haha thnx
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