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'I would like to carve a dream role' - Priyanka Bassi

Priyanka Bassi aka Sam of Star One's Rang Badalti Odhani in a candid conversation...


SAB TV's Left Right Left gave the television industry a  talented actress Priyanka Bassi, who captured the hearts of a million young boys as well as girls with her bold and revengeful character, Naina. After a long break she is all charged up and is now sizzling being Sam in  Yash Patnaik and Swapna Waghmare Joshi's popular show Rang Badalti Odhani on Star One...  

But how does she feel now with the girl next door image in the show..

Priyanka speaks to Tellybuzz!!!

You are back in television after a long break, what were you engaged with?
Frankly speaking, I had other plans in mind to grow myself and I pursued my Kathak classes and also did my Yoga sessions for recreation. I travelled a lot and had lots of plans for my career, but somehow did not work well. Finally I promised myself that I will do the first show that I get apppoached for..

What was the most struggling part in your life?
There hasn't been a struggle as such because I had been into the field of acting very early I and I did the show called Bombay Talking after which I was offered various shows. The journey has been a beautiful one for me and I always believed in good and happiness and evolved as a much better individual.

What are the changes that you felt after this break?
I have seen a lot of changes with a variety of new shows with a good mix of drama. Today SAB TV has gone all comedy, Colors has become more serious and rural oriented,and Star One is youth oriented where there is a good scope of opportunities. Now that I am back, the response is also good.

What have you learnt so far in the industry?
This industry is a beautiful place to be in and I have a lot of faith and dreams attached to it.

What was the reason you took up Rang Badalti Odhani?
As I had said earlier, I had promised myself that I will take the first project that comes across me and Odhani was the one to do that and I took it up. Everything happened all of a sudden where I saw myself shooting the third day after a meeting for the show.

Naina was a character with a Tomboyish look and attitude whereas Sam is a complete girl; how do you feel to portray both?
Both Sam and Naina are both bubbly and lively in their own way. But personally I do not think that I could climb trees and run like Naina. But when I am doing a character, I just close my eyes and tell that you are Naina and you are going to do the stuffs. Speaking about Sam, till date I never got to sync myself into the character because the show is a multi-cast and the new characters and still fresh.  

Sam is a completely musical character; how are you in music?
Priyanka enjoys music and loves to listen to Ghazals but at the same time I am not at all instrumental.

What are the challenges that you felt while doing Sam in Rang Badalti Odhani?
I didn't feel portraying Sam is a challenge because somewhere everybody could relate to the character. The girl is a normal girl who is like a girl next door.  

Who are close to you in Rang Badalti Odhani?
Almost everybody, because all are there in most of the scenes and its great together.

How is your rapport with the costars in Rang Badalti Odhani?
The rapport is really good and it's great to be on the sets. It is always fun where people play pranks on others and I remember one played on me. The whole crew asked me to enter a dark room and stay there for a long time which eventually made me cry. I think Manish Raisinghania is one of the biggest pranksters on the sets.

Can you tell something about your background?
I am basically from Delhi wherein I started my acting at a very young age of 19 when I did Bombay Calling. I was always into extracurricular activities and art since I was in school and acting was always a part of me. I started off with theatre after my diploma and later did Kathak.

Your dream role?
Priyanka would love to carve a dream role that others would love to play (smiles).

Reporter and Author: Saranya Valsarajan



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razor12 8 years ago Hi Priyanka, you did play NAINA very well and kudos to you for the acheivement.
All the Best for your Dream Role and in life. May all your dreams come true.
Vartika07 9 years ago Want to see u in another show very soon in ur dream role.
kads_8302 9 years ago simple yet beautiful... expressive eyes and a lovely smile.. Thast PB
Vartika07 9 years ago Vo to tab aayega na jab koi kaam karta rahe.
Suddnely disappear hone se thode aayega aisa koi role.
poojabi 9 years ago naina is indeed a dream role, and it will remain dream for all other actresses as no one can play naina except you.
varshita 9 years ago Lovely post
i like ur confidence yaar.
poojabi 9 years ago your honesty and simplicty makes u beutiful in the true seense.just love u for that.hope u get the place which you really deserve.
raheelu 9 years ago nice answers
missing ur powerful role (naina)
plz cum with bang n leave this boring serial
luv u priyanka
alina_lale 9 years ago luv priyanka

Bravehearts 9 years ago ya its gr8 to have u back on the show love u as both sm and naina also
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