'I will voice my opinion if I am not convinced' - Asha Bhonsle

As the three judges of K for Kishore have given their verdict and named the top 5 finalists of the show, the legendary singer Asha Bhonsle takes over as judge in the quest to crown Kishore Kumar's heir apparent..

As the top 5 contestants of K for Kishore , Arnab Chakraborthy, Nayan Rathod, Chetan Rana, Chintan Bakiwala and K Shailendra come together to battle it out for the ultimate title – Kishore Kumar’s Heir Apparent, they have another challenge before them. The contestants have to strive hard to convince the new Mahaguru, Asha Bhonsle, and this is what it takes to be Kishore Kumar’s heir apparent.

Ashaji seemed quite exuberant to be on the show as she says, “I am very happy to be here as the judge on the show. K for Kishore has given these singers a very good platform to showcase their talent. Sony has done a good job of coming with a different concept as such.” So how does Asha plan on judging the contestants? “I have no particular plan as such. I will first listen to them singing, and see how they perform, the quality of their voice, the rhythm in which they sing, etc, based on which I will give them pointers and marks.”

Asha seemed quite sentimental as she reminisced the old days of her singing with Kishore as she says, “The music made in our days was entirely different. Today’s generation has a completely different ear for music. The world is moving at such a fast pace that everyone wants fast paced music and fame in a short while. But that did not happen in our times.”

It has been seen that reality shows have been cashing on controversies between judges, so what does the legendary singer have to say about this? Asha replies, “I usually don’t watch these reality shows. I am too engrossed in my work and household duties. But now that I am part of such a show, I don’t think there will be any quarrels. If I don’t agree with something, I will voice my opinion. And I don’t think anyone will dare disagree with me (laughs), not even the new music directors.”

Reporter and Author: Melanie

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wow Asha Bhosle as a mahaguru...good.....hope these top 5 get a chance to sing duet with Ashaji on the show

16 years ago

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