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'I Will Do Whatever it Takes to Bring this Conversation to the Forefront': Bhumi Pednekar

Bhumi collaborates with India’s youngest climate activist Licypriya Kangujam to raise awareness on environment protection!


Courtesy : Bhumi Pednekar

Bhumi Pednekar is an environmentally conscious citizen who has taken up climate conservation as a cause to raise awareness among fellow Indians. Bhumi has launched a lauded online and offline initiative called Climate Warrior through which she is mobilising citizens of India to contribute towards protecting the environment. As part of her initiative, Bhumi has been highlighting several people who are doing path-breaking work in this field and the actress has now featured the youngest Climate Warrior of India Licypriya Kangujam. The eight year old girl is rallying the youth of the country to be more climate conscious. 

Licypriya says, “I am from Manipur, India and I am an Indian climate activist and also the founder of the Child Movement and fighting to save our planet and our future. In 2018, when I was just 6 years old I got a chance to attend a United Nation Disaster conference in Mongolia and it was my life changing event. After returning back from Mongolia in 2018 I started my organization called the Child Movement to call the world leaders to call for urgent action to save our planet and our future.”

She is also an innovator in the field of climate justice. Licypriya says, “I have developed a device called Sukifu which means Survival Kit for the Future with the support of IIT professor Chandan Ghosh Sir. My device Sukifu and me want to send a strong message about the environment depletion. It will also get the attention of the world leaders, scientists, experts, pollution control boards who are responsible for our safe future. My device will also give fresh air to my lungs and will save my health from air pollution.”

Licypriya has a very simple message for the people of our country. “I want to give a small message to the people and children that they should not use single use plastic. They should plant more trees. If you have trees you will get cool and fresh air to breathe!”

On featuring Climate Warriors on her social media platforms, Bhumi says, “This platform, Climate Warrior, is looking to raise awareness at every level possible because climate change is real and climate change is here. It is a cause that I’m deeply passionate about and I will do whatever it takes to bring this conversation to the forefront. We owe it to the next generations who will inhabit this planet. We owe it to this planet because it sustains us.”


Bhumi Pednekar

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