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'I want to spend a Sunday riding a dirt bike' - Aamir Dalvi

Aamir Dalvi takes up this week's Sunday Retreat

Does Sunday excite you - Not anymore

Do you plan your Sundays - Never

Your Sunday morning routine- If there is a shoot I will be on the sets and if not, then with my family

Sunday diet- If I am not following the fitness regime, then it is a haywire with anything and everything that I get.

If given a chance, how will you plan a Sunday for yourself - I would love to go on a long ride on the dirt bike and spend the day with that.

The worst Sunday of your life- Once I had to shoot late night on Saturday and that Sunday I had to be there on the sets for shoot. Hence there was no sleep and rest.

What do you prefer; Saturday nights or Sunday?- Since I do not party more or go out, I prefer any day which I get as a holiday.

Do you see sunrise on Sunday- Since I am an early riser I do see sunrise.

Your dream-date on a Sunday- Will be with my wife

Reporter and Author: Saranya Valsarajan



Aamir Dalvi

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captkirk 9 years ago no idea what ur role will b in the new show, eagerly waiting.......
cookie09 11 years ago good luck to salman... but in chak de it was srk who made the movie so good. he was just amazing in that movie. salman was good in his earliar movies like maine pyar, hum aapke, khamoshi, humdil de chuke, kuch kuch etc but not fan of his latest movies...but anyways if it's yashraj it might be good ..
tulipbaby53 11 years ago i''m glad SRK was in Chak De. he''s simply the best!
AsliiGuy 11 years ago I prefer Akshay kumar...but Sal is good too!
XxkomalxX 11 years ago I Love Salman!
Inshallah..His Next Films Well Not Go Flop
-Preeti- 11 years ago all the best to salman
just hope that movie does''nt b''come like tashan ..... am still wndering what was tashan all about
sweet_angel27 11 years ago good he turned it down, I don;t think he could''ve done it as well as Srk.
manzanas_asadas 11 years ago OMG thank God he turned it down, otherwise YRF would have another flop!

SRK made it the biggest hit of the year and the greatest inspirattion for every Indian. The men won the hockey Asian Cup because of the movie too mainly.
styleislife13 11 years ago Really like Salman.....
Hope he gets a gud film...
Gud Luck Salman
kelly12 11 years ago i like the guy but the movie is sure gonna be a disaster...tashan was the stupidest movie ever sooo good luck salman
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