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'I want to dress up Mallika Sherawat!' - Jay Bhanushali

Find out the reason why.. and also Jay's personal style statment and fashion fundas!

Published: Sunday,Nov 11, 2007 09:48 AM GMT-07:00
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He's the 'boy-next-door'. Cute, killer smile, good actor, great dancer.. Thats Jay Bhanushali aka Neev (of Kayamath fame). With good looks and charm in abundance, he has set the heartbeats of all his fans, racing at supersonic speed! We set out to find out about his fashion fundas and style statement.. Read on..

What is Fashion to you?

To me, fashion is all about looking good in whatever you wear and feeling comfortable.

How important a part is it of your life?

Fashion is important to me when its about meeting people or participating in a social do, though it’s not an integral part of my daily life. See, people see mainly how you dress and how you carry yourself. A person is known by his dress, his manners, and his social etiquettes, so it’s very important to me, when I have to present myself.

Are you always a well turned out person no matter what the occasion is?

Not exactly. I don’t think so much about dressing up everytime. I am very moody. It totally depends upon my mood. It’s not important how I dress when I am hanging out with friends and family. I love to be comfortable, and my idea of comfort is not whatever is latest in fashion stores. I would rather wear things that, though might not reflect the latest trend, but looks good on me, and I feel relaxed in them.

How much has your fashion sense undergone a change since your college days?

Drastic change. When I was in college, I was least interested in clothes. I would buy clothes from any where. My main shopping places used to be Linking road or Fashion street. Now its different. I have to be conscious about what I wear, and it should suit me. I still believe in the comfort factor, but now I have to keep track.

Can you remember any incident in your teen days when you were dressed up for a special occasion, and now when you look back, you wince and go ‘Ugh! What was I thinking !!’

Oh yes! I can clearly remember one incident which still makes me squirm with embarrassment. When I was in 8th standard, the movie Ghulam was released. I was a huge fan of Aamir Khan, and I thought he looked very cool in it. So I wanted something which Aamir wore in the movie – which was yellow shirt, black pants, with a chain on it. My mother was horrified! She tried to make me understand that it was a very BAD idea, but I would have none of it. I persuaded her to buy them for me, so that I could wear it on Diwali. I actually got it. On Diwali day, I wore that dress, complete with the chain, went down and showed to everyone, specially the girls. Now I think back and get so embarrassed…what was I thinking! Ughh.. (laughs out loud)

Your favourite colour?

Blue and white.

Any particular actress you think is always very well turned out?

I am very fond of Vidya Balan. I haven’t really seen how she dresses, but whatever she wears, she always looks beautiful. And I would love to work with her some day. In fact, I am even ready to work for free if I ever get cast opposite her!

Favourite brand?

Diesel in Jeans; Tuscan world.

If you had to get ready for a party in 15 minutes without any prior notice, what would you wear?

I would actually dress myself with jeans ans a white shirt.

What kind of shoes do you prefer?

I prefer to wear canvas shoes. I have bought a lot of canvas shoes in the last couple of months.

Your favourite perfume?


Any fashion tip that you would like to share with your fans?

Wear what you are comfortable in. How you carry something off is more important. If you can present yourself in a positive manner, no matter what you wear, those vibes of confidence crosses over to other person.

Any celebrity you would love to dress?

I would love to dress up Mallika Sherawat. She is always so short of clothes, that I would like to dress her up just to see how she looks when properly dressed!

Wow! Seems like Jay is amongst the very few men who want to see Mallika Sherawat properly dressed! Jokes apart, Jay's tastes in fashion and his style statement reflect the kind of person he is.. simple & sweet! That's the way to be!

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Author: Ekta

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rani2008 15 years ago man he is soo right taht gurl do need some cloth,, i think women lok beautiful with full cloth on espically indian cloth if i wa sindian i would wear salwar kamees all the time and love jai he is so simple and so honest
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shakta 15 years ago I think if he dressup like her he really would look like her but in my opinune he is like girl so it will suit him and if he does girls roll will much appropriate.........................
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cheri 15 years ago YAY thing about malika was right!! unlike Dhoni whose fave actoress is mailka humph!
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Rah_HuJu 15 years ago everyone wants to get Malika dressed apart frm Malika herself!!lol...Jay's so cute!
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Life_Is_Dutiful 15 years ago I like him so much after JDJ.Thanx 4 sharing.
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maha786 15 years ago This content is hidden.
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HobbitButt 15 years ago Wow! That's a shock to know that Jay would like to dress Malika up. LOL Half of the men wouldn't even dream of doing a thing like that.
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~*puja*~ 15 years ago Thanks, great interview! He's so cute... dressing up like Aamir Khan in Ghulam... that is so adorable.
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roro143 15 years ago hhahaha milak omg i would liike to her her up too..she is too short..lol omg he is soooo sweeetttt...lovely and charimg boy :))
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-Ami- 15 years ago Aww its so sweet how he said he'd work for free to work with Vidya!
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