I took a break from TV to concentrate on my personal life, says Akangsha Rawat

I think the show came as a Prasad from Lord Krishna, at the right moment.

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Q1.What was the reason for your break from TV?
I took a break from TV after Marriage, to be able to concentrate on my personal life. 

Q2. What made you come back on television? 
My mom was the biggest fan of Indian TV shows, she used to miss watching me on TV, I decided to come back on TV for her, it's sad that today I come on TV each day & she is not there to watch it, to cherish it. 

Q3. Why did you choose to make a comeback with a Mythological show and reasons for playing the character of Kritida?

When I got a call for Radha Krishn, I was in Delhi, I had discarded all my belongings and shifted there to be with my mom and be able to somehow save her from Cancer. My mom kept insisting I should take this role, I didn't want to leave her but then the show got delayed & mom got very serious, as one of her last wishes, before her death, she told me, that I must immediately go back Mumbai & take up Radha-Krishn. So a day after her tervi I was back in Bombay to sign the show.

Honestly, to a great extent, I was able to get over the grief of my mom's loss due to this show, work kept me busy and guess that's what my mom could foresee, she knew, if  I would have not taken this show, I would have drowned in my sorrows.

I think the show came as a Prasad from Lord Krishna, at the right moment of my life and I decided to take it as his blessing.

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Akangsha Rawat , you are a great actress . We love you as Kirtida in this serial.

5 years ago

Radha Krishna is great show all the best to its cast

5 years ago

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