"I think, this question you should ask the makers" - Zeeshan Ayyub on not getting better roles on big screen

In an exclusive conversation with India Forums, we asked him that when it comes to the big screen, his roles haven't been as good as it has been the case with OTT.

Mohd. Zeeshan Ayyub

It has only been over a week since Haddi released on Zee5 but actor Mohd. Zeeshan Ayyub is raking in all the love and appreciation that he has received for the film.

Playing a very complex character, as you would expect from the actor, he did complete justice and was a standout as well. Interestingly though, while Zeeshan Ayyub has been knocking it out of the park on OTT with films and web shows, he has not had a single theatrical release since the pandemic and a little before that too. 

In an exclusive conversation with us, we asked him that when it comes to the big screen, it is fascinating how it has been four years since we have seen him. All his films post Article 15 and Mission Mangal have been limited to OTT, including Haddi now. Even though OTT has given him so many character-driven roles, films haven't done that entirely. Why does he think is that the case even now, and when will we see him next on the big screen.

To this, he responded, "I think that is a question you should ask the producers and directors (laughs). Yeah, I completely agree with you. OTT has been really kind to me, I would say. I've been given better characters on OTT. Like, unfortunately, there have been a few incidents like Chhalang was supposed to be a theatrical film. But then because of lockdown and everything, which includes nobody being comfortable to go to theaters, it was released on OTT. Though Jogi was always meant to be a Netflix film so I won't say that about Jogi. There was that discussion that they were planning to go for a theatrical but I don't know maybe something happened and that is why they decided to go for OTT."

He added, "Now, there is Joram that I've done I hope that comes on in theaters; and then Sam Bahadur is there, I would say, after four and a half years. Sam Bahadur is definitely going to be on theatrical release. Then there is one more film, KD. So, actually I was not even doing films in 2020 and 2021."

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Nothing can take away the charm of big screen


He further said, "Honestly, there were no films. I was only doing shows. But last year I've done these three films. So I hope they get released on theatre. Haddi has released now. But I hope Joram, KD and Sam Bahadur will be there in theaters. I really hope so too because nothing can take away the charm of big screen."

He concluded, "OTT has its pros and cons and everything. And I hope after doing these characters and the kind of character I have in even in Sam Bahadur, Haddi, in Joram or in KD; I think the only exception was maybe was I think, Article 15. So things started changing and suddenly lockdown came. So I had to go for OTT. But I hope it works now and I am back to the theaters too."

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