I stepped in an industry where people believe in making barriers: Daisy Shah on her TV debut & KKK contestants

Daisy Shah, who is currently being seen in Colors TV's show Khatron Ke Khiladi 13 reveals how television has welcomed her and stated that things were different when she was making her Bollywood debut. The actress also spoke about her KKK experience & a lot more. Read on to know more.

- By "Aanchal Chowdhary"
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Daisy Shah has been making headlines for quite some time now. The actress has been in the news for her ongoing cold war with her co-contestant, Archana Gautam. Arjit Taneja and Dino James too were seen hitting back at the actress after a recent interview of her went viral. In an exclusive chat with India Forums, Daisy spoke about stepping into the world of television and shared her experience of embracing the same. 

What kind of impact has Khatron Ke Khiladi had on your personal life? 

There are so many things to say, and at the same time, I so do not want to say it. I had a fear, or you could say I did not like them, which has ended now. I got to experience a lot of things. Where in our everyday lives do we touch crocodiles, play with them, or even pick them up? We did not even get the opportunity to hang from choppers in real life, so I am grateful for many things that way and to Khatron Ke Khiladi for this experience. However, one thing that I would have preferred was the 'code red' concept. Had I known that there was a concept like this, I would not have signed the show in the first place. I did not watch any previous seasons, so I needed to be more knowledgeable. I thought I was signing up for a show that was utterly stunt based; I did not know they were going to have mind games, too, while you are physically drained from doing all the tricks. I completely shoo myself away from all the mind games as a person because I believe all this is purely toxic. I do not understand all this. But the makers had their mind and their ideas, which is fine. But if I had known about this, I would not have signed the show, but it's okay now. 

In one of the episodes, after you won a stunt, a few contestants mentioned that it was because of your luck. How would you address this now? 

I answered them there and then. I only told them one thing which was not telecast in the show. I stood there and said to them, 'Pehle main sochti thi mera luck bahut strong hai. Mere sath ab aur 13 log bhi agar ye sochte hau toh; imagine how strong my luck has become. You guys have manifested this for me, so thank you.' This is what I told them. 

Do you think the barrier was because you came from Bollywood to Television? 

Honestly, I somewhere did feel like that. When I was making my Bollywood debut, the people who were present on sets made me feel very comfortable. With TV this was the first time I was doing a television project, and these people created a barrier somewhere. But it should have been the other way around. They should have thought that the girl was not from the industry, she does not know how things work, and we'd instead make her feel comfortable and not out of the box; however, it did not happen. But it is okay; every industry has its way of dealing with things. I come from a place where people believe in making others comfortable, and I stepped into an industry where people believe making barriers is better. I cannot help it; it is not in my hand. 

I come from a place where people believe in making others comfortable, and I stepped into an industry where people believe making barriers is better. I cannot help it; it is not in my hand. Daisy Shah

Do you think you will be typecast as a TV actor after doing a television project? Does it bother you? Do you have any apprehensions that it may affect the kind of work offered to you in future?

No, Never. Who is giving me these tags? The people around me and they are an outside force. I do not work on that. So these tags do not bother me. 

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