'I salute all ladies who dress up in sarees' - Teejay Siddhu

Teejay Sidhu talks of her fashion mantra, her favorite colors and the attire in which her hubby Karnvir likes her the most...

What is your fashion mantra?
My fashion mantra is to always be in good shape. If you have a good and fit body then you can carry off any item of clothing well.

What attires do you pick when out shopping?
It has to be denims. I do pick up a lot of designer outfits too, but jeans are the one thing that I don't mind spending money on every time I shop.

What's your favorite party wear? Do you accessorize?
I love wearing well cut dresses for parties. Another must is the quality of the fabric and the fit. My outfits usually don't have any work on them. I am not fond of accessorizing too much but yes, I do keep a couple of earrings, mostly pearl earrings, and rings in my bag.

What's your comfort wear?
I am most comfortable in my gym wear.  I spend a lot of money on the gym wear from Reebok.

The dress that Karnvir loves to see you in.
Karnvir loves to see me dressed in sarees and dresses.

Which color suits you the most? And which one doesn't?
Orange, purple and yellow are colors that don't suit me. Yellow is Karnvir's favorite color but I hate wearing anything yellow. I love pink, purple and green.

If you were to design an outfit for yourself, how would it shape out?
My dresses are mostly sleeveless. I usually don't like thick and bulky fabrics. I would probably use fabrics like georgette and chiffon.

Are you comfortable wearing sarees?
Not at all. It is very difficult for me to move around even in a six yard saree. I salute all the ladies who dress up in sarees and travel, especially in the crowded trains of Mumbai.

Are you a party person?
I used to party often earlier, but no longer do.

Any fashion tip for our readers.
Do not overdress. Just keep it sweet and simple.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair


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I love seen people init but I can never wear it..........thanks

15 years ago

i love sarees, but i agree it's really hard to walk in them! she seems like she likes to keep her self looking simple yet sophisticated.

15 years ago

Sarees are AWESOME! i lvoe wearing them...makes me feel so cultured and Indian...and proud!!! so much emotions attatched to a saree.... running in a sari is the msot hilarious thing!!

15 years ago

Nice interview. Spoo true.... I can never imagine myself dressed in sari.

15 years ago

Good luck to Karnvir and Teejay for NB4! I hope they do well :-)

15 years ago

i wore a saree during my aunts haldi ceremony.truat me its not comfortable at all..... i aslo salute ladies who can pull them off.

nice answers/fashion tips...simple!


15 years ago

i also salute those women who can pull off sarees! and i love her fashion tip!

15 years ago

i really like her... she is really cool.... and truthful...

15 years ago

galz look lovely in saree if not then they have to exposed ... by wearing western type cloths

15 years ago

thanxx nice.......... Bst of luck in NB4!!!

15 years ago

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