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'I planned to stay for 3 months at Bigg Boss House' Jaya Sawant

Jaya Sawant in a tete-e-tete with Telly Buzz after being the first chosen person to get out of the Bigg Boss house..

Published: Saturday,Oct 10, 2009 18:42 PM GMT-06:00
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We all know Rakhi Sawant as the mother of nautanki. Now we have the mother of Rakhi Sawant, Mrs. Jaya Sawant talking to Telly Buzz after being eliminated from the Bigg Boss house in the very first week...

Over to the lady...

I planned to stay for 3 months at Bigg Boss House  Jaya Sawant
Tell us about your experience in the Bigg Boss house.
It was all good. All the children in the house gave me lot of respect. They supported me a lot. I got all the love from them till I came out of the house. All of them are very good children.

When you entered many of them talked behind your back. Kamal Khan was against you. What do you think was the reason for it?
I have no idea what was the reason and Mein kya janu kaun Kamal Khan hai? When I met him I was shocked it's the same guy who played the role of hero at the age of 50. He is suitable for the role of a father.

We got to know from Rakhi that you have a serious health problem. So how was it taken care of in the house?
They took lot of care in the house. Everyday doctor used to come to test me and he gave medicines.

Rakhi Sawant and you had some problem. Are you happy that after coming out of Bigg Boss you will be together?
Yes I am so happy and I am thanking Jesus for this.

Who do you think will win Bigg Boss 3?
Chances of winning Bigg Boss is high for two people. One is Shamita Shetty because she must have got some tips from her sister Shilpa Shetty and second is Raju Srivastav.

What were you thinking when you entered the house?
I entered with the intention of staying there for three months. When we entered the house on Saturday night we had our food and we all slept and when we got up in the morning. I was thinking how will I start the conversation  with them. I planned that I will see their reaction  and how they are talking and then I will also behave in the same manner but later on Bigg Boss called everyone for the nomination and my name was out.

Whose behavior did you not like in the house?
Tanaaz and other three females in the house. I don't know their names. They cracked jokes about me. They mocked the way I requested for votes. They said I did it like a Vegetable Vendor. They said - bhajii bhajii bhajii aisa vote maang rahi hai… I felt too bad. I cried a lot in the bathroom after that.

How is the house of Bigg Boss?
It's fantastic.

Amitabh Bachchan's Birthday is approaching, so what wishes you want to give him?
May he live long. I am praying for his success and that soon he becomes a grandfather(again).

Who were you very close to?
Vindu because he looks like my son Rakesh. He used to kiss me and hug me all the time. Same as Vindu. I got so much love from him. I am requesting the audience to vote for him. Vindu is very good he has a short temper but please don't misunderstand him and vote for him.

What was the thing that you missed most in the house?
My whole family… I missed them a lot.

So what's your future plan after Bigg Boss?
Any project that will come my way.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Susan Jose

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Khalidah @KhaLidaH 14 years ago future plans lollll can't await lolllllll
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Isha @Aashi3 14 years ago I agree with the people who nominated her..she didn't fit in at all. Yes she didn't get a chance to interact with anyone before the nominations but she didn't really open up in the whole week either. But disrespecting and mocking her is not acceptable. Bakhtiyar said no one in the house knows how to talk to women..but he should have seen the video when she entered and what he said himself. Unbelievable..these people are too much.
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Safina @miss_choxz 14 years ago future plans......lolz....sounds like a celebrity now
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Sonam @sonam_s 14 years ago wow she even has future plans!! great going mummy sawant lol.
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Kshizzle @Mrs.K.B.Sobti 14 years ago she already got evicted?
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hindu4lyf @hindu4lyf 14 years ago woah some harsh comments.
I didn't watch the show but she seems alright to me.
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Jenifer @Jenifer. 14 years ago Bee - exactly what I was thinking! She's still up for more?!! Gosh!
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Benaz @Bee3nazz 14 years ago obviously duh!!!
the saying is... like mother like daughter...
or vice versa
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smallwonder @smallwonder 14 years ago Lol... Oh Gosh - of all things its the looks that resembled Vindu lol...
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Teeya @Teeya 14 years ago woh ek achhi lady thi thodi si shant thi bas par logo mein milne jhulne mein use thoda sa waqt lag gaya to use bahar kar diya yeh to uske saath thik nahin hua.
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