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I love Cooking Food, says Yuvraj Malhotra

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With busy schedule, improper food diet and untimely intake of food, it is extremely difficult for the stars to keep themselves fit. But still the stars try to have the best food diet so they can be fit and fine. And this week on Food-o-holic is the television’s new hottest hunk Yuvraj Malhotra also known as Karan of Betiyaan who reveals his food diet and tells about his favorite recipes.

Are you a food-o-holic?
Yes I am I love to eat food.

You love to be called as a Veggie lover or Non Vegetarian?
I am a hardcore Non Vegetarian.

Which is your favorite restaurant?
Urban Thadka. They serve very tasty food and I love to have my food there. Till date, that is my favorite restaurant.

Do you cook?
Yes I do and I like cooking. I even cook for others. If I find time I cook and take it on sets for my costars.

Which dish do you wish to cook?
I like cooking Chicken Masala. The usually dish that I cook is chicken sauce.

Do you carry your lunch during shoot? If so, what do you clinch to see in your lunch box?
I prefer carrying my lunch and my mom prepares it for me. But if she goes out of town, it’s my maid who packs my lunch. For lunch, I would have anything except dal. I don't like to see dal in my lunch box, but sometimes it’s ok.

Do you believe in saying "The best way to enter into man's heart is through stomach?
Absolutely, the saying is true. I believe in that because I like to eat good and tasty food.

Do you want your wife to be great cook?
I want my wife to be a great cook. She should cook tasty food and whenever I get back from shoot she should feed me with delicious and tasty food.

Where did you get cooking sense from?
Definitely, my mom she is a great cook.

Beverages you prefer to drink?
I drink only juice or cold coffee I avoid tea and coffee.

What is the masala that you love in your food?
I don't prefer specific masala as such. Anything you make from heart becomes tasty. I think making from heart is the best masala one can use.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author :Anu.Rad


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afreen_14 12 years ago he is cute and oh yuvi why do u need a wife u should hire a
Chippeshwini 12 years ago I love cold coffee :D not a huge fan of hot coffee either
**sanya** 12 years ago This content is hidden.
jigglypuff726 12 years ago wow! he's such a foodie! i love yuvraj, he's so cute!:D
mishcutie90 12 years ago hardcore non veg...just like me
culgal86 12 years ago This content is hidden.
friends_rock 12 years ago mee too a non vegii..but cant cook

-DulceMaria- 12 years ago he said he likes juice and cold coffee but avoids tea and coffee...................isn't cold coffee coffee too??.....lolz
talkativetaurus 12 years ago lol ... gd to hear some1 is like me .. hehehehe
xXxSHAMILAxXx 12 years ago This content is hidden.
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