I like watching true and inspirational films - Pariva Pranati

Pretty looking Pariva Pranati talks about the love for films.

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Yet again a Sunday and a lazy. So on this peacefully lazy day, we have brought to you a Sunday Films Special. Actors have a certain inclination towards a kind of character celebs portray on screen and also do they get some kind of inspiration.

This Sunday it is Pariva Pranati who is currently seen essaying the character of Amrita in Sony Pal's Hamari Sister Didi. Read on to know about her favorite movie, dialogues and a lot more.

1) Which movie do you love the mos
I loved Schindler List, Road to Perdition, Pursuit of Happiness, Cinderella Man, Life is Beautiful and a lot many. I am a total movie buff.

2) How many times have you seen that movie and why do you love the movie so much?

Most of these are based on true ad inspiring stories and I love to be inspired and yes, they do have some brilliant performances to learn from. I like cinema that gives me an opportunity to get affected by it and think over it again and again.

3) Which character do you like the most?

I can't commit to any one character as there are many I have liked. I love Batman series too and Heath Ledger's role as the joker makes me want to watch it over and again. It was simply astounding.

4) What of the movie related to you the most?

There are different parts of different films that I relate to. I relate to any character that emerges strong and over comes difficulties in a true positive way. I love animated films as well. So nothing in specific.

5) Any particular dialogue or song you remember from the movie?

I love the line of hulk from the movie Avengers - 'That's my secret, I am always angry'. I also love the chunk in 'Marley and Me' when the writer describes the association between a dog and his owner. I always cry listening to it as I am a mad dog lover. I have three dogs as my pet at home.

Well Pariva, you truly have a fine taste when it comes to movies. Must say, quite impressive!

Upasana Patel

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BinKuchKahe. 6 years ago Loving Pariva in Hamari Sister Didi :)
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sp87 6 years ago Really good to see an article about Pariva Pranati. She's a great actress.
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Shefali_Dinkar 9 years ago Movies are merely a reflection of what goes on in the world..thats what gets them the attention...ironical fact :)
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