I like Arjun's sense of humor- Gurdeep Kohli

Actress Gurdeep Kohli speaks about her togetherness with Arjun Punj, with TellyBuzz...

Its 'Love' spread every where, as we celebrate Valentine's week. A day dedicated to be with someone special, your loved ones, this Valentine not only talks about the eternal bond of love but also about togetherness.

We speak to one of the most loved jodi, Gurdeep Kohli and Arjun Punj who share the bond, joy, sorrow in every aspect of their life. While the couple met on the sets of doctor based show, Sanjivani, Gurdeep and Arjun are together since then.

Speaking about her relationship with Arjun, Gurdeep says, "We became friends and love blossomed after we knew and understood each other well. Now many years have passed, our friendship has deepen and so the understanding between us. Thus, I would say that friendship is the USP of our relationship. The best part in our relation is none of us dominate and if I get upset, Arjun pampers me to convince me. Similarly, when he gets angry or is upset, I pamper him to convince him, so its both ways."

When asked Gurdeep about what she likes the most about Arjun and a habit which she would want him to change, she says, "I like Arjun's sense of humor, I believe he has a very good sense of Humor. The habit which I want Arjun to change is that he loves eating outside food. As I have done a cooking show and I have started cooking at home. So I want him to eat food home cooked food rather than eating out."

Ask Gurdeep about the gift which she is planning to give Arjun on Valentine's day and she says, "I am gifting Arjun JBL speakers which are connected with Bluetooth and about the date, that is yet to be decided."

We wish Gurdeep and Arjun all the very best!

Neha Jain

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Comments (9)

Loved Gurdeep Kohli in Sanjivani

@niharikamishra unfortunately gurdeeps role is a long cameo wish she could stay for longer

9 years ago

Excited about Gurdeep's comeback as the main Protagonist with Ram Kapoor.
I wish we could get to see more of Arjun as he is a nice actor.

9 years ago

Sanjivani was a very nice show...
seriously earlier much better shows were made...

9 years ago

Loved them together in the show Sanjivani..what beautiful portrayal of characters and such an intense storyline..and so glad that they are happily married now..all the luck to them :D

9 years ago

I became an ardent fan of Arjun Punj when I watched him in my the most favouriite serial 'Woh rehne wali mehlon ki' . I watched those episodes where Arjun Punj acted many times.
I wish the Jodi of Arjun and Gurdeep all the very best in life.

9 years ago

didnt look at Sanjivani but i looked and sindoor with gurdeep and absolutely loved her in it!!!!!!!!!!!

9 years ago

Thanks for the article. Sanjivani was the best doctor show, refreshed so many memories

9 years ago

I liked her in Sanjeevani.
All the best Gurdeep.

9 years ago

okk even am looking forward to see her..:)

12 years ago

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