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I leave it to the audience to decide whether my elimination was fair or not - Sophie Choudry

VJ and Singer Sophie Choudry recently got evicted from the popular dance reality show Jhalak Dikhhlaa Jaa Season 7.

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While the competition is heating up in Colors' much loved dance reality show Jhalak Dikhhlaa Jaa Season 7, it seems that popular VJ and singer Sophie Choudhry's journey ended in this week's elimination round. Though Sophie has been a consistent performer having showcased variety of dance forms however, left the stage of Jhalak.

In conversation with TellyBuzz, Sophie talks about her journey, biggest competitor on the show and more...

1. How has been your journey with Jhalak?

Memorable, challenging, extremely tough, very rewarding at times, disappointing at others . I'm someone who puts my heart and soul into my work and I take everything I do very seriously so this competition wasn't just about fun for me.. It was about working extremely hard every single day! This was definitely the toughest season of Jhalak so far but I'm glad i managed to make my mark!

2. Share your thoughts about your elimination.

I'm completely shocked and heart-broken! I truly feel I deserved to go further as did everyone around me and all the fans! If you look at the colors website, the support for me has been overwhelming! I leave it to the audience to decide if it was fair or not!

3. What has been the biggest challenge for you?

I turned down the show 3 times because I have had slipped discs in the past . The biggest challenge was overcoming the fear of injuries and taking everything head on. Another challenge was making my place on the show! Jhalak is an ideal platform for TV stars because audiences are used to seeing them everyday on TV and connect with them instantly.. I had to make a place in the audiences heart very quickly and I'm eternally grateful for all their love and support in this journey!

4. You have managed to give power packed performances despite injuries? What worked as a motivating factor for you then?

I discovered a very strong fighting spirit. I was never a quitter anyway but I pushed all my limits in Jhalak! The doctor would come home at 7am to give me injections so that I could perform! Post the fall, where the background forgot to catch me in time, I was on painkillers and injections for 2 weeks but I never thought about giving up. I didn't want to let myself, my loved ones or my supporters down!

5. Share one memorable moment of Jhalak?

Performing the Mr.India act In front of my favorite Salman Khan, getting a perfect 30 and him narrating a story about my first bike ride with him! It was hilarious! And also when Bebo (Kareena Kapoor) came on the show and told everyone how proud she is of me and how she wants me to win Jhalak! It meant a lot!

6. Who has been the toughest competitor according to you?

Everyone will agree it is Akshat! If he can win a face off against TJ, who has won So you think you can dance Canada, then he can beat anyone! I'm just glad that in my face off against him the judges found it very tough to decide and even asked the channel if they could save us both. That's how close it was. But he's a good kid, very talented and even though I have cried a lot since my elimination, I'm glad I wasn't the reason for his tears.

7. What do you wish to say about the comments you used to get from the judges?

Madhuriji called me beautiful, graceful, easy on the eye for 13 weeks. Every week she said this and it means a lot coming from her. Karan Johar knows me from before but I don't think even he expected me to be so dedicated and hard working! He was always so kind with his words for both my mother and I and I'm grateful for that . And Remo Dsouza was always encouraging and complimentary! I was never criticized for my dancing or for not working hard enough!

8. Who is going take the trophy home according to you?

It seemed obvious to most of us for a while now that Punit Pathak and Mouni Roy are the favorites and the fact that they were given the immunity ball proves it! I'm sure it will be as TV personality yet again!

9. What has Jhalak taught you?

That I am capable of anything, that I have a tremendous fighting spirit and that I still want to achieve a lot more in my life! I also learnt that it's a competition and like life it's not always fair.. Sometimes you can give it your all but it's not enough.. Nonetheless my mission was to win the love and respect of the judges and the audience and I'm really glad I managed to achieve that.. I think the entire Jhalak team and the audiences will really miss my presence!

10. What are your future plans?

I have always loved performing live and am already back on stage! I'm looking forward to a packed season of live gigs, new songs and definitely a new film! One journey may have ended but a beautiful new one has already begun!

Anwesha Kamal

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nafeesaeed 6 years ago no doubt ur performance is much much better than other contestant bt judges decide eas not fair everybody knows...
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rafalover4rever 6 years ago Sophie is trained in various dance styles, including Indian classical dance as Bharatnatyam, which she learnt in London for four years, and Kathak, which she learnt in Mumbai for two years as well as in Western dance as salsa-source WIKIPEDIA
For all those calling shakti trained...mouni also has trained dancer!2014-09-01 12:27:26
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ntmrjn 6 years ago How much I wished her to win this show..her performances are always so nice and bang on..even in her performance with akshat, i really felt she deserved more..

Wll to go by winning format, its abt choregraphers basically, last time was salman because he was in jdj for 3rd time and this time punit,he being 3rd time as well but hope those kids win..Also the one who have won anything in other shows never win so less chances of shakti,mouni too but you never know what might happen..
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lincolnshire 6 years ago It is all planned for Mouni to win .
She is always scored high ,even for Mediocre performances
Has the Immunity ball
AND LET THE BEST ONE WIN2014-09-01 04:36:55
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TwilightStar_JP 6 years ago I Thought JDJ is all about NON-DANCERS turning into DANCERS!! Agreed Shakthi is a great dancer I mean obviously she's from DID not for no reason! And anyways this channel is one useless biased channel So I'll suggest you people don't waste your money and time!
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..Flame.. 6 years ago Shakti is in JDJ for money & fame really now.Others are doing samaj-seva kya :p
Shakti should win JDJ.She is popular and the best dancer PERIOD !
Colors you will have to face wrath of our fandom and mind u we are not another Lauren's fandom -___-
Reply thumbs-up 4 thumbs-down
nik1310 6 years ago I enjoyed Sophies journey in Jhalak very much. it was her turn to go now. She performed beyond my expectation s and i think, "kaate nahi Kat the" by her is one of best performance of this season by any dancer. Shakthi should win, may be a dancer but brilliant performances each and every one.
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Haridas 6 years ago Shakti is a great dancer and there is no doubt about this but JDJ is all about a NON-DANCER to emerge as a Dancer where Sofie were doing a great job.
Now amoung the non dancers I should say that ASHIH SHARMA is outstanding. He is growing day by day and has given some excellent performance.
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.shinchan. 6 years ago vuhooo..i love sophie fr d answer..
Madhuri clearly favours mouni and akshat.

Shakti must win.
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Jiyagulabi_26 6 years ago May the deserving ones win.. Shakti should won. Throughout she n tushar were good. Now if they make mouni n punit or ashish winner.. Colors should be ready for blast ..
@vanitha omg is it true mouni will be winner. No.. She is not deserving. Shakyi fans sure shot will kill colors.. Get ready colors for your funeral if u made mouni winner.. Its so pathetic to know.. Then y r we voting for shakti..if winner. Is already decided by colors2014-09-01 00:46:09
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