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'I idolize Vijay Mallya' Varun Khandelwal

Varun Khandelwal who is seen now in Jyoti and Aathvaan Vachan reveals his secret desire and talks about his likes..

Varun Khadelwal is: Hardworking

Love marriage or Arranged marriage: Love Marriage

Friend or Girlfriend: Friends of course

One thing you would like to change about yourself: I would like to start with some dieting. I am a big time foodie 

I'm fussy about:
My gym. I love to exercise

On a blind date you would like to go with: Sonam Kapoor

Favorite Destination: Europe

Favorite Dish: Gobi Ka Paratha, but it should be made by my mom

Favorite TV Show: Hum Paanch

I idolize: Vijay Mallya

Memorable Moment:
  It was when I used to audition everyone at UTV as casting director

Embarrassing Moment:
I had too much of bhang last to last Holi and ended up vomiting on my friends.

Secret Desire: I would want to work with Anurag Kashyap

One thing that nobody knows about me:
I am very adventurous.

Sea or Mountain Person: Sea person

Last time you had a hearty laugh was:
That was when we were shooting for a Holi sequence for Jyoti. And I drew a bikini on one of the crew member.

What can your fans expect from you: Much better work in futureā€¦

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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-Preeti- 2009-03-27T23:06:53Z i loved hum panch too.... but the sequal was''nt good ...original was the best

blind date sonam kapoor??? .... sonam u have one more in line.....lolz
*Shruti* 2009-03-27T22:09:15Z Hum Panch was one of my fav show. Hope his desire to work with Anurag Kashyap gets fulfilled soon.
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