I have never been to any Page 3 parties and controversies: Hrishikesh

Tellybuzz in conversation with Hrishikesh Pandey aka Officer Sachin of Sony TV’s CID…

Hrishikesh Pandey has appeared in many commercials in the past and has been a part of the famous shows like Kohi Apna Sa, Shaadi Street, Saakshi. He is currently seen in 'CID' as officer Sachin. Tellybuzz quizzed Hrishikesh and tried to find out more about his professional and personal life.
You have been working in CID for the last few years. What have you learned from the show?  

I have definitely learned a lot. When you are working with an actor like Shivaji Satam it is always a bonus. He is a great actor and spending time with him itself is a great learning. I also had a great time with Daya Shetty and Aditya Srivastava. They are all like a close knit family. I am in the industry for a long time but when I am working in a crime thriller like CID, even minute details are important for my character. The dialogue delivery, the position of the camera, action and stunts are very different in CID and of course the popularity of the show. CID is the longest running crime based show in India and viewed by all age groups. 

Share your experience of working with BP Singh? 

If I would have to say this in just one word, then it's extraordinary. Before CID I have worked with BP Singh in CID Special BureauAchanak, Raat Hone Ko Hai - so you can say that I have a long and fruitful working relationship with him. He is a hard taskmaster and wants perfection in his show. For me he is like a coconut -- tough from the outside but very soft from within. A thorough gentleman, he gives you the feeling of a family which I find very warm.

Being a part of CID, what do you feel should be done to cut down the crime rates in India? 

The key word is population in India. If you look around, you will see so many people who are homeless with no food. Plus there is not enough education because first people need to eat and then acquire education. Being deprived of education or shelter or food, people venture into crime. Poor girls are the victims of this menace. The population has to be controlled and I think it is high time we think about it. 

What kind of television shows do you watch? 

Since the last many years I am only watching channels which are informative like History, National Geographic and Animal Planet and Discovery. I especially like the small documentary films they make. I do watch a lot of news channels too. I clearly remember when Mahabharat and Ramayan used to come on television we used to be so engrossed and excited about those shows. On Sundays roads were empty and in few localities even the shops were closed. Once we were traveling by train and I remember at one station the train stopped and all the passengers came down from the train and started watching the show wherever they could. That kind of madness and mass hysteria is missing on television today. 

What interests you other than acting?

I love to read shayari and also like to write. When I came to Mumbai to become an actor there used to be lot of free time and I was also alone in the city. I used to pen my feelings in a piece of paper and also read poems during my leisure time. Now I hardly get time for all this but I do take a look at my creations sometime. I am also very fond of music. Ghazals and light music are my favourite. Listening to good music can be a very peaceful way to beat your stress. 

You have been in the industry for quite some time now and also working on regular basis, what clicked for you? 

I guess my attitude towards my work and honesty. I have never been into any kind of Page 3 parties and controversies. I always lead a simple life. I have seen that in my career people have repeated me. I have done shows like Koi Apna Sa, Saakshi, Vivah and the way audiences have showered their love for me is amazing.  

Reporter and Author: Anwesha Kamal

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We love to watch u in cid,n want to see you more n more in tv n waiting for big screen :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

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Thanks for the article... looking forward for more articles on other actors too...:)

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Good to know that he is a sensible person and does not forget to give credit to others who have been with him. I wish him well.
It would be nice to read about others from the CID serial the same way.

11 years ago

Would love to read more articles on CID, the good ones not the bad ones!! :P

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HP's life seems intresting now can we have interviews of other actors in CID please.

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Thanks for this article. Could you also write articles on other actors of CID?

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lovely article:)
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