I finally forgive you Irrfan: Sutapa Sikdar writes a heartfelt note for Irrfan on her birthday

Late Bollywood actor Irrfan's wife Sutapa Sikdar recently took to her social media on her birthday and shared a series of picture with her sons along with a heartfelt note for Irrfan.

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Sutapa Sikdar and Irrfan Khan

Late actor Irrfan's wife Sutapa Sikdar recently turned a year older and celebrated the special day with her two sons, Ayaan and Babil Khan. As the saying goes, gone doesn’t mean forgotten. 

Irrfan Khan might not be here among us today, but his fans, admirers, and family remember the legendary actor every day. 

Sutapa shared a slew of pictures from her birthday celebrations on Instagram with sons Babil and Ayaan Khan and wrote that she has finally forgiven Irrfan for forgetting Sikadar’s 28 out of 32 birthdays that they spent together. 

She penned a note for the Hindi Medium actor which read, 

“I finally forgive you irrfan for not remembering 28 birthdays out of 32 we spent together ..I did not sleep a wink night before my birthday ,walking tirelessly the endless lanes and by lanes of memories from getting angry stage to hurt stage to giving up stage and to finally happily accepting your philosophical reason of not celebrating and forgetting my birthdays at last.And yesterday night I told you finally about the way I love celebrations and it was not about birthday but celebration I wanted to be with you.”

Irrfan’s wife further stated that she believed Irrfan must have whispered in Babil and Ayaan’s dreams the previous night about celebrating her birthday. She continued saying,

“But yesterday Surprisingly babil and ayaan did not forget my birthday!! I suspect deeply that you whispered it in their dreams or else why did they conspire to celebrate. Cheers Irrfan !! you I missed like never before as we celebrated my birthday by both of them you might not have believed in birthdays but you would be so happy to see them giving me soooo much of love!!#birthdaymom#rockstarboys.”


Yesterday, Sutapa had shared an unseen picture of Irrfan with their older son Babil, where the father and son can be seen deep in conversation. 

Sharing the picture, she wondered in the caption if Irrfan misses these conversations. She also mentioned that Babil misses them for sure and that she hopes to be Babil’s ‘second-best conversation companion’ after Irrfan.

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Comments (2)

What an emotional note 🥺 God pls give her the strength she needs 💛

The boys look so much like their dad :')

2 years ago

That's soo sweet and overwhelming

Hope she gets all the strength

2 years ago

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