'I ended up with Mayo on my shirt!' - Kunal Verma

Kunal Verma does the food-talk with Tellybuzz…

Is there any particular dish you cling on to?   
Dal makhani
Your favorite Ghar Ka Khaana
Dal-Chawal, Bhindi Ki Sabzi, Roti
Which is your favorite sweet dish?
Ras Malai
Your favorite fruit
Do you cook?
Not actually, I can manage to get my way around with certain food items.
Have you cooked for any girl?
Is there any food that you would not eat as a child, but eat now? 
Yes, non-veg. Now I eat it and I love it!
What is the highest bill you had to foot in a restaurant?
I guess when I partied at Rock Bottom and had to pay 18000 for just ten people.
Do you have food fights?
Which is your favorite drink?
Does that mean you start your day with it?
Yes, or any other good substitute of Red-Bull.
What is the strangest dish you have ever tried?
Once when I went to the interiors of Maharashtra, they served me a typical Maharashtrian dish. I don't remember its name but it tasted pretty weird.
Any embarrassing situation you have faced while eating your food?
Yes, when McDonalds started in India a few years back, I was super- excited for the burger. But while removing the paper-wrapping, I couldn't contain my emotions and ended up with the mayo on my shirt(laughs).
What do you do for midnight food cravings?
I cook Maggi or sometimes just make-do with the leftovers in the fridge. But there's nothing like the bun/pav bhurji that you get from the roadside stalls. That's the best option.
Your idea of a proper diet?
I don't follow a diet pattern but I think it's high time I start following one because I now need to lose weight. So I'm really not the right person to advice others.
Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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Comments (14)

hmmmm...i came too know more abut u love u sexy

14 years ago

thnx, hes really nice! its a shame because of whts happening in tujh sang, it was soo good! he was excellent in it!

14 years ago

shooo cute kunal and luved the answers .....

14 years ago

awesome!!! ♥
luv u Kunal ♥
Happy Valentine Day ♥

14 years ago

heyyyyy LOVE u KUNAL, ur awsome, Hapopy Valentines Day jaan !

14 years ago

awesome! :) happy valentine's day kunal :)

14 years ago

i totally agree wid zeta and urmee
he looks handsome widout any doubt..so plzz stop calling him a cow..
n as he sed he will lose weight...cant wait to see him :)

14 years ago

he doesnt looks like a cow.infacy he looks soooo good thought he is becoming fat......and now he'll loose weight and will look more good................

14 years ago

yeah...u need to lose ur weight kunal.
when will u come back??miss u a lot...
neways ras malai n mango r my favourite too.
luv u kunal...

14 years ago

Thnx for da article...... We love u lots, n miss u loads kunal !

14 years ago

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